Old Lady Wilson’s Infested Basement

PC’s: Gronk, Grey, Peppington, Ragna, Orson, and Dan
DM: KCutajar


Various other moments during the making of this episode:

Grey Eager for a Fight
Sometimes things get dropped, but its okay, its funny (sorry Oreopan)
Lastly, Grey’s Dream Boat

The portal is no longer working due to the fact that we broke it (on purpose), but another seems to be located in one of the forests near RO. There were also records kept by the researcher which will be transcribed alongside this episode. They’ll be kept in the Academy, alongside many other items in need of researching: (These are direct notes from KC for the purpose of accurate information from the journals)

After spending some time with the books here are the most of note things you find

Slightly burned Journal
-First log declares this will be a separate book detailing the creature
-Says he will refer to it as a Shambler due to a story he was told as a child
-Notes about its anatomy being similar to other Aberrations
-After some tests he confirms the creature is somewhat intelligent
-Notes about attempting to communicate with the creature and getting it cooperate but failing horribly
-Notices that the creature has drastically reduced in size and is more physically weak then the first day he found him
-Prefers to eat meat and consumes a large amount of it to sustain it
-Creature is able to sense these zones like a bloodhound

Tome about Multiverse and their Arcane implications
-Theory of multiverse mostly comes form old religious manuscripts, describing the existence of the same plane in different universes
-Never proven to be true
-Several Magical theories and equations as to how spells like Plane Shift and Banishment could be further modified and amplified to be able to cross into another dimension but what little experiment that were documented have failed

Large Journal
-Logs about he is convinced that the theory and the calculations behind multiverse make sense and believes entirely that they exists
-Wants to be the one who discoverers them, believes he can bring about the largest advancement in history of the Arcane Arts
-Recounts logs of years of following leads to possible portals,rituals, ceremonies that may be able to do this. Most of them being from old religions and cults all were cold leads.
-Describes on instance of investigating the aftermath of a large explosion caused by a suspected cult at a derelict place of worship. Finds relics and tomes that relate to old Eldritch gods, at ground zero of the incident he describes finding a small and wounded creature phaisng in and out existence.
-Several logs about the creature, as it grows and is unable to find any sort of documentation about it or anything similar.
-He fully believes this creature might be the key to finding what he wants.
-Several years of nothing significant.
-Document him hearing about and traveling to the island after rumours of its history start to circulate
-Mentions of the deep one attack
-Talks about investigating the surrounding area
-Large gap of time between the next log. Tone of his writing is dramatically different. He talks about how his dream has become his nightmare and reality. He describes a world like ours but, one where the Abberations are the ruling race and have been for a long amount of time.
-He describes these zones that serve and some sort of bridge between our universes
-He says that both the ones found in our and theirs are in no way some sort of natural cause and believes them to be engineered as he now fears someone is trying to merge our cross over into ours.
-The next few logs are series of observations made over the period of a month -Actual physical travel via these zones can traumatic, both physical and mentally. It says it helps if you have some sort of anchor of both realms. Items such as stone from their plain seems to be effective and his own physical body served as an anchor to our own.
-The zones also seem to react unusually to light, theorizing this might have something to do with how little direct sunlight they have
-He attempts to banish the Shambler but the creature reappears after a minute -He attempts to send the creature through the zone but he violently shifts in and out of existence before being forced out of the zone suffering several injuries
-He travels to the other plain with a tuning fork
-He tries to cast Plain Shift from our plain with the tuning fork and the spell does not take
-He traveled to the Fey Wild and attempted to cast Plain Shift, the spell takes but he is sent to our Material Plain
-Another gap in his logs before his final log “The creature seems to think there is another there but to hell if I am going into that infested forest and ending up as a meal for those insects”

IC: This episode was brought to you in part by the Academy Channel, Dan, and thanks to the contributions of viewers like you.