Dear Mom,

Hey mom it’s me Oogway. Today I just got back from an adventure. Your little boy is growing fast they let me lead a party and I did awesome no one died!! Me and some friends went to the odd lighthouse where I was almost pulled underwater by a BIG lobster thing in which I am still mad I did not get to eat but that is not here nor there. On our way to the lighthouse when we stopped for the night there was this BIG BIG skull and I wanted to see what was inside. Then there was these nasty gooey odd little things so I attacked it and it melted part of my sword which wasn’t the worst part as they attacked me back they ate all of my clothes off so here I was butt naked fighting the goo things it was scary after we killed them my friend Gavin fixed my sword but I was left in my loin cloth so your boy was feeling the breeze the rest of the trip. As we were resting for the night I was woken up buy some of the party they were scared of this guy summoning some water thing by us, so being the amazing leader I am I went to take care of the problem which being woken up in the middle of the night I was not happy you know how I get. After I found out the guy was not bad, I went back to bed and slept the rest of the night. We went to the same fisherman that has taken us to the island before I was so happy I was his first mate for the trip and I asked my friend Vahn to see if he could see any fish in the waters as he was swimming beside the boat he is part fish I am pretty sure but I don’t want to ask it might be rude but anyways he found a Big tuna I wanted to eat it so bad. As we got to the lighthouse there was no baddies we could see this time so we messed around in the house, This time we got there I found a secret door and when we went down it was so dark and spooky but I am sure Vahn made my sword glow and I thought it looked so cool. I opened this door and went down the hall and there was this big glowy circle thing I didn’t know what it did but some of our party were super smart and they didn’t even know what it was, so we left it for later. The next hallway we where in there was this pirate that tried to kill us so there, I was fighting these low life pirates with some of our party. Then this one guy shot me, but I was awesome grabbed out of the air and threw it back at him and it looked like it was a crossbow, so I was pumped. As the battle continued, we found out we had a traitor in our party, and he ran like a coward. I am pretty sure he was working with the baddies. I might try and kill him if I find out he was! It makes me mad just thinking about it. Then the boss pirate called a big mean fire guy all I could do was throw a bucket of water on him. Its times like these I wish I was gifted in magic, I felt helpless, I did throw a bucket of water on him, so it wasn’t so bad ha-ha. After we got everyone out, we were tired and ready to get back home. We left the fire guy and most of the pirates in there. So, I will have to go back to take care of that little problem. On our way home we saw some guys on the road looking for the captain of the pirates and they had a BIG 50 GP reward if we killed him, so I really want to kill him now.

                                P.s. don’t worry Mamma I am having fun plus with all my cloths gone you don’t have to worry about me not washing them

                                                                                                As always love you your baby boy Oogway