Dear Xeilah,

Today I took on a mission, not only did I take it on I offered to lead it. Who would’ve thought, me leading a group of people. Anyways there had been reports of a lighthouse that just suddenly appeared out of nowhere, so it was decided it needed to be investigated. We left town and headed north along the coast line, other than a bit of storm clouds. Once we came to the cliffs though Oogway noticed some blood on the grass. We decided to deviate from finding the lighthouse and ended up following the blood to a cave. Inside the cave we saw a brazier with a small fire at the feet of a large statue and a chicken. I tried to talk to the chicken but it was like most chickens…..frustrating.

We pushed deeper into the cave and saw some tents pitched with supplies stored in barrels. Venturing a little bit further in we ran into a rock gnome name Namwubeg Mamikmoss. He seemed rather nervous and overly friendly, the nervous part seemed natural given Greko’s presence. Greko had eaten that chicken whole so I wasn’t too suspicious of Nam’s nervous state, plus he told us we could check anything out that we wanted. There was an interesting divination circle which had a section that looked like someone was trying to restore it but we couldn’t tell anything else from the circle.

Oogway decided to investigate the tents and that’s when it all happened. Suddenly there were these giant spiders descending down on us or bursting out of the tents. That’s when Namwubeg showed his true intentions and tried to kills us. We were able to dispatch the spiders thanks to Oogway’s ability to stand his ground surrounded. At first I thought it was bravery in eyes but now I’m sure it was just excitement of the possible meal to come. Once we had killed the spiders, Greko’s undead companion cornered the rock gnome who surrendered. He tried to tell us that the spider’s made him do it but we could see through this and eventually he broke down and admitted that he was lying. We couldn’t afford to be deterred from our original goal any longer so we decided to tuck him away in a barrel with a ration. Normally I would have felt bad about such an action but this gnome had called out to me as a brother…….after he tried to kill me and feed me to his spiders.

We pushed on and ended up a nice little house with a pier, where we met Gordon and his 2 chickens and a pig. Turns out that the chicken that had been consumed in the cave was actually Gordon’s, who was lost. We decided to skip the details but inform him that he wouldn’t be able to find the chicken. Gordon was kind enough to offer to take us out to the island that had appeared with the lighthouse on it.

The first thing that we noticed was that the roads were decently maintained for what appeared to be an abandoned island. Oogway and I went into the building that was apart from the lighthouse to investigate. Everything looked old and rotted like it hadn’t been used in years. Suddenly we heard the sounds of combat outside the building and rushed out to see these fish looking humanoids and what looked like a giant lobster. Oogway rushed off with what looked like……drool dripping from his mouth. Greko was actively trying to fend off the lobster and a couple of the fishmen. Vahn was close by and Zoren was keeping the rear secure. Once I came out I immediately deployed my turret and assisted Vahn and Bill defeat the fishmen trying to flank us from the east.

That’s when I heard Zoren cry out for assistance to the south and turned my focus towards him and attacked the fishmen that had begun to attack him. It was after that the fishmen began to retreat back into the water and much to our horror so had the lobster looking monster, clutching Oogway and Greko in its claws. We frantically attacked the lobster trying to kill it before it drug our companions to a watery end. Then Vahn unleashed a burst of power and put the lobster to sleep, dropping Greko and
Oogway. Greko got up and shoved the lobster the last inch it was from the edge over and it fell, cracking apart on the rocks below. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a young man hurt as much as Oogway did seeing that lobster so fall out of his reach. Needless to say night was creeping up on us and Gordon said he wouldn’t wait for us after dark so we quickly rush through the light house. We found some treasure and at the top of the lighthouse was a magic stone connected to a device creating the light. We didn’t have time to really dig deep into the investigation so we grabbed the treasure and headed back to Gordon.

Gordon brought us back to his house were we stayed the night and gave him some coins as a thank you for taking us to the island. On our way back we stopped and collected the rock gnome that now, had a very pungent sell to him, but he was still alive. We walked him back to town and turned him over. Hoping I can get a chance to interrogate him to see what he was really doing in that cave, I know it has something to do with that divination circle. That’s all the stories I have for now but I’ll hopefully be writing you again soon. Take care of yourself.

Gaven McThistlebrook