“We went to the forest. It was the one by the inn just to the North. We found a cabin. The man inside was dead. He wrote drew some symbols with this blood.”

The kobold points to the bottom of his “spell book”.

“I was busy finding treasure. Others looked at body. I found new book and gold bowl. I put the bowl in book. Took it out later.
We went looking for killers. Killers found us. Eyesack burned them with great magics.
We found more people. All staring at a stump.”

Eyesack points to the top left of his book.

“GREAT EYESACKS too smart. Cannot be fooled. Dug through new people’s pockets. Found cultist symbol.”

The little “wizard” flips back a few pages and points to this:

“Tried to heal cultist but got attacked. Others around stump joined in. Eyesack saved whole party… as usual”

He rolls his eyes dramatically.

“Inside stump was lady. Saved her too and didn’t even know. She told us cultists are part of ‘hex council’. All sorts of cults joining together. Said spellbook was linked to ‘Cursed Archives’. Says it is a library prison.
Her name was Umtompa. Her and friends fight cultists. Seemed more like hide from them. Her friends are Friar, Beavis, and Luppock.”