“So there I was, playing me bagpipes, watching as me old man made a bloody trail through a Horde of Demons that me Uncle had summoned. See me pops was a the Dwarven king where I was from and me Uncle had enough of playing second fiddle. Being a devout follower of Moradin he thought sure he was to be placed with the throne and lead our people into a new era. Even I knew better than that, ya never let religion lead people ya get zealots. And that’s exactly what happened to our dear uncle perhaps it was the contents of a questionable book that changed his pure heart to utter vile darkness.” Aurum pauses, and sighs looking down towards the ground as the images zoom by in his mind. Gathering his thoughts he pressed the index finger of his right hand to his lips. “Back to the battle at hand how eveh, Me pops Mordekai Redbeard starting taking his axe, Lilly, at me Uncle how was clad in one of our finest magics. The martial battle that happened had many sparks and much magic. It looked as though our father was about to be bested but we watch in sheer Horror what happened. Father shouted, “I’ll destroy this kingdom, before I’d let you foul this world with demons!” He grabbed from his belt he grabbed his bag of holding. From the bag of holding he pulled a staff of power, he slammed the staff into the ground, making it immovable, then he then kicked our Uncle off the ledge.” Aurum grabs his flask, he shakes the contents. The spirits inside were mighty low, the same as Aurum’s heart as he recounted his past.
“What happened next was tradgic, we children of Mordekai knew this plan. Father told us ahead of time. Some of us stayed a safe distance away, I however was one of those whom was unable. I can’t say that I was the last one the Epic misuse of magic effected, and I can hope only that I am not the only one alive. Then in blink I was floating in a dream, I was able to fly it was totally vivid and lucid, I stumbled a swirl went twords and then puff. All I know was I saw the bright blue sky and clouds, and I felt wind. This was the startling part, I was falling, where was I falling too, how long?” Aurum slaps his hands together adding flair. “And like that I was back to dreaming as the ground came up to give me a sweet embrace. Things faded to black and the last thing I remembered was pain.”
Aurum looked across from him to the person he was talking to the tone of his voice changed from the low dramatic story teller to more of an upbeat harmonious one. “Then I woke up in a bed of straw, was a little itchy though. I found my belonging’s beside me. However, me bag pipes where in shambles. It was tradgic but just as soon as I noticed the human lass came through the door and greeted me, her blue eyes comparable to sapphires and her a golden blonde. She was being followed by her two little ones, they were so adorable and cute. How can you stay made when you see an innocent smile? You can’t. She greeted me and we exchanged information. Her name was Beatrice, I told her it was a lovely name and if I ever get an Axe I’d name it after her. She warned me that I’d have to be careful with that blade as she herself had a mild temperment. I told her that’s great, I’d hate a blade that could’t get angry. We laughed, it was a good time. Beatrice, was inclined to belive my story, she watched as I feel from the sky, suppose I am lucky then. She called me her heavenly gift. I didn’t know what that meant, and hoped it did not imply a relationship. There was a somewhat inventor, more of a collector of gnomish contraptions in town, Beatrice relayed to me. He was an old codger that was missing a couple of pints to his barrel. Good, I told her, I am already missing home.” Aurum paused. “Human’s they aren’t the same as dwarves. They definitely divide themselves more than us dwarves, and it seemed Beatrice was an unwanted Bonny lassy, hardly if you could believe this.”
“So time passed and I got the nerve to meet the old coot. He was really good with wood, and he made me bagpipes almost right. What was his name? Ralph, David, Sa’byrd, no… Simon, yes, Simon was his name. That coot has really thick baubles in wireframes infront of his eyes, making his eyes really big. His hair was all bald on top with a crown of white thin strands around his head. He was something alright, not sure what though. He even spoke a little funny for an old coot his words often mashed together like his cogs were spinnin but their teeth were a slippin. Anyhow, he did his work got Bessy almost to brandnew but there was a piece I’d have to go find. The reed.” Aurum chuckles, “You think he could have done that on his own, but no. His time was better spent reading from those gnomish books.” “Hmmmm,” Aurum stroked his curly beard. “The next part is a little dark as it involves the little ones. You see her boy, Hamilton, had overheard us speaking. He also happened to know the local land. When Simon told me what exactly he needed I heard a gasp and the sounds thap thap thap as he sped off into the woods. I had watched where the boy went, I poked my head back in to ask Simon if the woods were dangerous and I kid you not the coot with a feminine voice that was soft but still seemed dry spoke,” “Oh, oh dear. Yes, tis the season of fairies. Good I hope he doesn’t get hurt.”
“I had given him the are you serous look because he just kept working away. Where is these people’s community responsibility. Well he was done with me bagpipe’s so I grabbed Bessy, then told Beatrice I was gonna go after her kid. She was grateful, she was awfully worried poor Lass. So no scat there I was thick into the woods when I her giggling and laughter high pitched mind you and coming from heights no kid should be climbing. My eyes grew wide, there he was dear boy. So I called out, Hey, C’mon now is that really necessary? I shake the boy awake, and then between our two faces shows up a pixie.” “It’s you, yes your the one that fell from the sky. The little tink told me as pixie dust trailed down behind her disapearing like fire flys of a forge.” “Excuse me, yes. I fell from the sky, and I have a feeling I’m not from around here. My world is called Uber, and uhhh stuff happened. I said to the pink haired fairy. She was cute and her name was Celeste. The boy stood there quietly, entirely mistified by the event. then she sat down on me shoulder and we started to chit chat some more as I walked me way back home with the boy and reeds in tow. She had told me how she was waiting, and that the fey court had always been close with me family since my old man had help a bunch of their kind in his haydays. I love me pops, and hearing about him made my heart sang, to know that in this world where ever I may be. His name still rings. She saw that i ran after the boy and that was a test of my heart. I was like, but it was just the right thing to do, yeah? She smiled and asked me to come back later that night.”
Aurum stopped stroking his beard and then began to twist his mustache between his fingers. “I never really thought it was strange at the time honestly, but now i do. How did Beatrice know I was comming, and how could the fairy have been waiting for him. Well the fairy makes sense, what little I know of the planes. anyhow, I’m rambling back to the matter at hand. You see I entered those woods at night, and they seemed very welcoming in the light of day but in it’s absence, my heart sank. A thick fog three feet high blanketed the forest floor, Strange luminecent fauna lit me a path a felt. Well All i saw was a straight path. Rotating in colors or orange, red, blue, purple, green and pink. It was a sight to behold as it glowed through the fog ever gently like a dying candle. The path led to a ring, a fairy ring. I don’t know why I enetered that ring, was it excitement, a need to see pops, or answers. No it was all of those, I just could not resist. I step through and my life got flip turned upside down, not let me take a minute just sit right there.” Aurum gets up to stretch bending over touching his toes, and side to side. “Sorry, got a little stiff. Now you see I was in the land of Fey and the eyes I got were a mixed bag. i felt if this Fairy was not with me, I’d be in trouble. So she shrank me, then we went into a little mushroom house. She gave me a stone. I wasn’t the first one she had found of us kid’s. And she hopes that I’m not the last. I held the stone in me hands infront of meself and one of those arcane images came out. It was pop’s, He wished us well said he was alive, he was sorry and now it’s time to follow in his footstep’s and if I am here then I have already proven that I am on my way. She handed me a crystal afterwards, I looked at her and I just had to ask what it was.”
“Her little beady eye’s widened,well it suppose to impart knowledge onto you from your ancestors.” “Too which I gave over excited. Cause as soon as I got my hopes up. She said, just kidding and started laughing over hysterically. I gave her a straight face before she tapped it to my forehead and then a bright light came from the crystal and I was knocked back in my chair. I came to with a huge enormous headache. I turned to her and had to ask, what did you do.” “I woke up your inherent magic silly, a lot of people go to schools, and you may have found yourself around the bards and it would have taken years that your father felt guilty he took away from you too learn. So we cheated and your just gonna have to figure the rest out on your own but I can show you how to do some magic before you leave.” “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. I said to her, my hands out infront of me. No I mean really slow down your high pitched voice all sounds like one word when you get excited, and pops told me to be worried about super excited fairies. And I scat you not she had a reply for this.” “Oh, I’m not super excited, I’m extra excited, which in fairy terms is two steps down.” “This did not settle my now weary nerves, but no it was cool. I learned magic, and not from some god, or some book, it was me own. I thanked Celeste, she was a great help. I saw me dad, I knew he was alive, and me kin. But we aren’t Redbeard’s anymore, we where Mordekaison’s. So that if ever we got stuck and some time down the road another kin can grab us and we go home even after I am dead but my kin is breathing our clan would be re-united. Some stuff to take in, but I did. I returned to Beatrice, whom was waiting with a warm meal.”
Aurum takes a swig from his water skin, “So we were having dinner, and Beatrice explained how she knew I was coming. This lady was a diviner, she’d often stare into a dish of water and look into the future if her god saw fit and he usually did. Well to me that explained why she knew i was coming and why the towns people were distant of here. We got to talking and I told her how i had big shoes to fill. She said Sleeper Island seems to be the place where adventurers are cutting their teeth now a days and if I can make my face known amongst those odds then I would be right on my way to fulfilling my destiny. I had to correct her, I told I shoes to fill not some destiny.” Aurum smiles stretching out his arm as his right foot keeps a rhythmic tapping, “So a convoy and boat trip, now I am here. So, uh what do you think? And that just how I got here.” Since then I’ve died and become a hill dwarf.(Deceased, Got thumped one too many times)

The Deep Ones?
More like the Were-ones.
PC’s: Kassea, Jab, Gormin, Lori, Aurum, Orson, Theren
Deep ones?
What are these deep ones that can make things rise from the dead. What have I gotten myself into already?
His name is Golgath the forgotten?
Ressurrected people? Mana battery, divination magic. Wow, Dad you must have ran into a lot of this confusing stuff to you at first. Now a dragon?
First day was uneventful, how will the first night go?
The camp of terror
Oh dear, I must have jinxed meself because I’d be damn. I can’t believe our rotten luck to run into a Troll of all things and it’s bloody arm fell off. For good measure we and the lads burnt the bodies to make sure it wouldn’t get back up.
Then I woke up Jab, he was the one I thought was in lead, Not sure. But upon his watch, he found kobolds raiding us after the troll. Perhaps they wanted the troll. But it comes to find out that they were pillager’s. Putting them down probably did the local area well. One of the kobold’s tickled me innard’s and ribs, right after Boss jab showed me the way for once have felt the cold embrace of death’s kiss.
The Next Day
Ran into Tom the Antiminituar, A intelligent cow? We seemed to have asked it if we could set up camp for some reason and it nodded, quite strange can’t say what kind of magics are at play here.
Deep ones
Cat Fished
Creek of the Deep Ones
Comes to find out that this things were just some ugly bottom dwelling carnivores that frenzied to anything the displaced the water. I tried yelling at Kassea that it was a bad idea but she was not having my wise words, and soon bobbed up and down like a log in water, I brought her back and by moridan’s graces she is still alive.
Day Three
Camp of the Swamp
The Were Bear
Came upon an encampment, fire is cold, unsure of how long. Come to find out it was an wereBear Orc Barbarian’s squattin’ spot. and Our Elven friend, must have said something that he did not like cause he leaped from where he stood a good 100 feet away and clobbered her good. I told a really funny Dwarven joke and hadem rolling over in stitches laughing so that we could make out far away.
Later that night. Kessea turned into a werebear herself and attacked us. We had much to be weary about and the party had too much of a sentimental value to do the right thing and put the poor lass to her eternal slumber. And now the balance of guilt falls on the shoulder of Theren

Still think there is some deep going on here
PC: Thelios, Gormin, Akris, Orson, Aurum
There we were sitting at the Tavern, when up in the bar a hobgoblin came by said there was trouble near by and to investigate. Are we second class citizen? I mean he referred to us as Expendibles, that pretty rude, but it’s impolite to tell’em other wise or probably cause a ruckus. So we set off Orson, Gormin, Thelios, Arkis, and I into the broken wall of the guard tower basement. There found the naturally eroded hewn rocks slightly damp with the high humidity in the air but it was a bit chilly to say the least. Gormin was very astute on his findings. I gave Gormin a boost up to the second floor then the giant picked me up like I was a halfing, what impressiveness.
After Orson and Arkis, Thelios followed behind them onto the ledge. And there it was the shade of no sun I missed, it wasn’t home and I got me dirty. Then a scaly blue-green scale kobold comes reeling in with his buddies in toe. Them dirty rock chucker it me something fierce before I got slammed with a paddle and knock unconscious. Then I had a brief moment just to see a whip dop me right between me eye balls.
Then I came to again, I healed myself back up with magic, Thelios interrogated the poor bastard. His interrogations are that of a foul inquisitor, and bore no real fruit. I tried to say wait, hey, don…. To late as he dropped the body in the water.
Orson figured out the indent on the wall if for the shell on the tribe leader’s battle skirt. thelios went to grab it, and return. It was a magical attunement mechanism that allowed it to control the elemental wall in front of us. Now this next part, I cringe. I knew it was dangerous Os wanted to go alone, but no… Gormin, Akris? and I got blown to smithereens when a kobold threw a torch onto the black powder underneath the water. Startling to think what else they could have done with that? No matter, we had at least two more barrels to return now… oh yeah I woke up on me back and this constant loud ringing.
Stuff happened, There was lots of fighting and loud sloshing noise and incantation in deep speech. A terrifying howl called through the air as the sorcerer cast a spell, then he cast another and a werewolf appears, I’m making my way to him, he starts to cower. I drink me potion of Fire Breath and I let have at the AND WHAT IS THAT? An elemental?
I pulled Akris made sure he was alive. Then the werewolf leap over me. I slid to Gormin, it was a gentle pulse, I tried to comeback with the med kit, but too late. Orson had patched up Thelios, I would assume.
That elf gave all they had into their attacks, I struggled to follow the fellow cast a spell and it felt again…. We all finally came to, and when we did it clear Gormin was no more, I had to ask just incase. I lost a kinsman today, he will rise no more.

An altar to Oblivion
DM: Grumpy
PCs: Vuldred, Hjalrig, Addison, Aurum, Ragna, Jax
First day saw some black scaly swarm of birds birds on our way out into the country side. Nothing else happened that day.
Jax took lead and led us to large arrowhead rock for our campsite on that evening, “Looks fine to me,” he said before settling in.
We set up for watch, and sure enough as the luck of the cursed island held true I was attacked outside of town while midst sleeping. These slithering fiends of half man and snake came crawling out of the woods. The earth itself rose underneath them in rigged spikes digging into their softer bits. They we trying to escape and so was the lady kinsman as Jax fled away from combat from fright, a mighty powerful nightmare. I got off me back and dashed on over to Ragna, where she laid hard into the beast. Then pitch black darkness and the cool chill of death crawled across my body, It felt like tentacles, i quickly made my way out. I suppose you could say I was there for morale support you know. We dealt with the three of them and then plundered their bodies. Probably should have did something about their bodies though.
The next day of travel happened without any incident. For the evening we decided on our second choice of venue to make camp and with good reason. later that evening Addison made roasted nuts, while Jax and I forage for food, and nothing happened at night for once. Perhaps this spot is lucky? I don’t know but me thinks this feels very ominous of a bad thing, surely enough not much time passed and our gnome companion Vulendr disappeared. Then I think I touched the stone and I re-appeared elsewhere just a sudden shift in where I was. Well strange enough, maybe the gnome got stuck so I asked the companions to clear my blast area as I was getting ready to cast a spell on it. Sadly. Addison and Hjaldrig got caught in what I had nor foresight to see, an arc of lightning leap between the stones. This was off indeed. Addison re-appeared but the boys were stuck. We all took a good dwarven swing at it. But to no avail.
We decided to wait the day and night for them, but after that it would just seem hopeless really. They talk about how this wizard Isaac can solve almost any problem, I wonder as to what problems he will be able to solve.
“Altar on the hill,
Intentions of deep ill will,
Secrets to reveal.” -Aurum Argenti Mordekaison

Yuan-Ti Pact
The Vreal Olo
GM:”The” Grumpy
PC’s: Thran, Lori, Ragna, Ted, Aurum, Runt, & Ted
First two days were fairly uneventful, We followed tracks, found a totem, more tracks, a pile of dead gnolls with no carrion creatures, no creatures atall during the day, happened to snag a rabbit however. Good throw if I say, I may have even impressed me Kinsman Thran, i should have held on to Gormin’s shield and hand axe in after thought.
Sekrus sent a message to us, and recently tested us to see our strength, to recruit us in aid to help them reclaim their temple. They are the Yuan-Ti, want to trade a favor for a favor, they are of Vreal Olo, “the favored One.” Each one had a black python as the hilt of their weapon perfectly made and forged steal with gold inlay and snake patterns across the blade, guessing some of the richer folks in this world would struggle to afford this blade. Made from a master craftsmanship. made by “Spec” only works for specific groups. They have a capital of Mangrove Bay. It is South, it took weeks to get here but by the way they travel it could be months, unless you have a were trained tracker.
This unit moved with great haste in packing tracking and moving out. We started going into unexplored territory on day three. We came upon the temple poor Thran fell off of the rope going into the temple. I had thought it was Ted. I was mistaken, I assumed a dwarf could do things.
We made our way to the western side of the temple, and around a corner till we saw some steps and I think the group mostly huddled around Sekrus, personally he didn’t creep me out as far as me thinks when we rid one enemy we may just have another. So I thought to meself why not do things and discover much. The other room already smelt of death and decay. So perhaps the next doors only have dead things behind them. So no worries right? Wrong! One after another my mind was assailed with psychic tantrums of manic screams, then the doors burst open, I let out a hollar, “No son of Mordikai shall die on this nigh!” I was surrounded and scared, but my enemy didn’t have to know I was scared. As soon as I could react I clamed up on defense and dodged blows as best I could, till the one that was hitting on me tickled my innards and things went dim.
When I awoke, I was looking up the battle skirt of Lady Ragna, Paladin of Bahamut. She stood over me like a goddess in that moment, I knew I was still easy pickings so I wiggled like a worm whilst watching Lori and cheering her on, the world has a different perspective when you are below people. One the deep one between Lori and Ragna was felled I was finally able to get up and move around, I tried bending the will of one of the elite deep ones, but after two attempts it seemed as though their minds were indomitable. Lori was bloodied so I gave her swift aid. Finally Ted and Thran made it up to the group. Ted was a sight to see, just handling them like a dwarven beserker, thrashing them and tossing’em to the ground. I believe i gave more aid while moving into an advantages position at that time. Then Ragna called upon the power of Bahamut, and she made a very devastating blow on her foe. It screamed of pain I think I may never wish to feel, and that was the turning point in the battle really. Runt picked up a backpack of the lot but moving forward it seemed I may have my Father’s knack for treasure. It was vast, and the first thing I thought to do was secure the door, Runt was real handy as she fetched a belt off of a carcass. Sekrus happened to have a bag of holding, I know cause it looked like the bag me father threw the portable hole into, but that’s a different time, and world. After helping him load up the temple’s treasure we made our way further in to the altar. Quietly, I might add, Twinkle Toes Thran made his way down the corridors without so much a sound.
A large glow of light was emitted ahead as Thran firestormed twice and then fire walled. The Blessing of the All-Father where deeply vested in him this day. Ragna had taken swings on a Lizard folk that was bound, she must have been in a battle rage. Perhaps something to do with her being an Orc now, Suppose but I never knew her as anything else and I forgot what she was. The skirmish was so fast, but the lizardman was not too happy with Ragna as he bolted her with a trident before bolting. Had a mighty good arm too, went straight into her armor. Sekrus said this place was an Anathema creating temple, no idea what he took from the alter, No idea what an Anathema is. Need to check about that. So he seemed to have grabbed a bracelet and a Staff, he went to the altar and then we made our way out. Ragna had informed us that the troops that stayed outside to protect us have been dwindled in numbers and strength. it was definitely time to skedaddle. Then I had a moment, one where I forgot how to climb rope, cause I slipped trying to get started but then I made my merry way up the rope. Atop the temple my eyes gazed wide as I happened to see a small militia of lizardmen and deep ones coming our way. It was definitely time to leave. And it seemed the deep ones have friends, perhaps not willingly.
Before we split ways with Sekrus and his remnants we discussed the idea of trade after seeing Sekrus’ blade in battle and the armor of his warriors. It would definitely be beneficial to all of us in white moon cove. That is if we remain at peace, thrilled though, I was tested and proved my mettle again… sorta. Kinda? Sadly my Viol needs to be tuned, it plays something awful let me tell you, the Yuan-ti were not having any of my practice. Rightfully so, even me own ears were gonna bleed.

Another Trip to Xanaphia’s
w/ diplomacy & Herbs
Aero Pepper Aurum Dagobah Lara Orson Xanaphia Zatlic
GM: Dagobah
PCs: Zatlic, Jabb, Lara, Orson and I (A.urum A.rgenti Mordekaison.)
We started our journey together from the blood eye clan, from my reading’s of previous logs it had seem that White Moon Cove adventurers had promised them a five man tent. Well not wanting to start our journey on a sour note I purchased the tent. When I had got there with the tent on the back of Bailey they took notice right away. The members of the Blood Eye Clan ushered me straight to the chiefs tent. There we traded words. Long story short, for fulfilling our end of a promise we made some time ago they will be our allies if the time comes to raise their blades for White Moon Cove.
We set out traveling and the first day was rather uneventful. After waisting some day light hunting for game it became clear to me i need to purchase a hunting knife. I butched our poor catch. Alas my strings weren’t playing well either it seemed. The second day of trale was rather unevenful as well.
However, the second night of the journey we came upon some strange vegitation. The group put their heads together and determined that it was an Aero Pepper. Orson the sly elf must have known that they were only fit for the bowels of an elf simply because I was unable to sleep. Very disruptive lava flew from out me backside, I pray for the dear soul that witnessed me bumruption.
The next day the peppers must have had a hallucinogenic property within it’s robust flavor. Everything the next day felt enhanced, whatever drug this was I am sure I would discourage of eating this in heavy armor. I mean luckily I had a chain shirt. Jabb must have noticed me looking at me own hands with a sense of awe as he had a curious look. While at camp I know he must have ate one. I fear I heard some squealing that made me whence of what pain it could be dealing. I once suffered the me feeling.
Day four of the expedition to Xabaphia’s tower we began to felt like the journey would never end. the closer we the more unclear things seemed. The Tower remained the same size of roughly seventy five feet tall. We did come across a crater of sorts. Seems these lands are prone to rocks falling from the sky as much as balls of fire too. this discovery started to unfold some things for us, such as they mined what ever was here and probably have done so to the general region.
Day Five, things began to feel a little too uneasy for me. It seemed to me that I would have to let Baily stay behind. The grass was tall and it would be much easier to sneak up not on horse back. One of our mates wasn’t so inclined to do so. Perhaps if he did the goblins would not have rushed him right away when we got within a mile of the Tower. Which by the way was the same bloody hieght the entire time. Orson again being the smart pointy ear that he is pointed out that the snowflakes in conjunction with illusion magic where giving off an effect similar to a glass bauble, what ever that is. He said that even that Snow itself is being controlled. Well now, this lady has a dragon, weather control, and nasty powerful illusion. Father, what would you have done?
So there we were in front of these five goblins that sprang forth out of the snow, their bodies pale in color with a blue tint. Not the kind that Jabb is for sure. I was ready to kill immediately, but Jabb had to use his tongue like a sword. I followed suit, it wasn’t going to really work these were zealots. The battle was quick and hasty. A group of them clustered up and I cast a spell, carving sigils with me axe into the air while muttering a hymn of battle, the silence exploded in a thunderous roar sending the poor goblins flying to their death with pure concussive force of sound. I admit it was nice to watch the snow make a momentary white orb when it pushed away from the center point. Lara subdued one of the goblins and I began to pull out me rope, cause I know whats worth more than gold. Information. The Second goblin Knocked out himself if I recall correctly. Orson that sly elf pulled out a set of manacles. I am worried but not too concerned. Upon promise of freeing them they told us there was a cave over to the east. Jabb told the others to start plundering the goblins. Now, Jabb got mad because I killed in self defense. But what follows I question the morals of. The defeated foe swore fealty, surrendered their will of Xanaphia to bolster ours, sure they may have been lying. But as one goblin healed the other jabb knocked them both out cold and made the decision to leave them unconscious in the middle of the wild. I pray Moridan’s beard that is not how they die, so unfitting.
We checked into the information the pale skin goblins gave us. It turned out to be fruitful. the information was accurate. We inspect the mouth of it to find carriage tracks rutted through the stone, meaning it has had frequent use at least one point it’s life time. Thirty minutes into the cave we came to find a chamber where our vision was completely blocked off. Jabb and our other slippery friend went ahead of us to scout out the area. they tripped an alarm it seemed and quickly scurried away, A large booming voice was heard warning us going forward meant death. We darted out back tracked, and Orson bless his soul helped me find Baily. By Moradin’s Beard that kid would try and have me strung up by me toes if I did not come back with that horse.
We traveled home rather uneventfully taking our time I suppose to hunt rations were running rather low. And that’s that.
“Icy path to wrath,
Goblin blood bath do the math,
Come sit back and laugh.” – A.A. Mordekaison

Return to Xanaphia’s
Aldwin Aurum Dagobah Erady Peppington Theren Xanaphia
GM: Dagobah
Players: Aurum, Peppington, Theren, Aldwin

Starting out at the blood clan we headed out to see Xanaphia’s. We ran across a creepy altar along the way and I stumbled upon a red cloak in the middle of one of my watches. As we crept closer to the tower we were approached and attacked by two white dragons. Hadar & Semmir. Turns out Hadar is actually Erady. Now this took us for a surprise when the white dragons attacked each other in the middle of the scuffle. My mount Bailey died. sadness indeed. Then we get to Xanaphia’s tower, where Erady had already flown off to. He told us that if we were to return to come in on the third floor, and that his mistress slept above. He eluded that the tower has become corrupted by others in the tower. It is likely true, but that leads me to warn you to be aware of spell casters. Possibly armored combatants and beast of ilk matter.
But definitely come in from the top.

Erady, Servant of Xenaphia

The scouting Pass
The Witch Hunt Saga
Aldwin Aurum Court of Rust Kaine KCutajar Kurl Lutgar Order of Iron Tohil Tuwidin
PC’s: Aurum, Aldwin, Kaine, Kurl, Tohil, Tuwidin
GM: KCutajar
We were gathered around to scout out the valley way. Buncha familiar faces were with me this time. They likely saw me as a tag along. but none the less we enjoyed good music at camp and along the way. The first odd bit of our expedition I found a bag of twigs good for fire. The rest of the party member’s acted very scared of the misplaced bag. “It not adventure if you can’t die,” It’s not that I am knaive, or ignorant. I’m just more relaxed at taking risk.
We pressed forward, and a heard of Axe beaks came from the north. We saw them approach in time to get out of their way and let them pass. it was odd though they they had the look of panic as it was explained to me. And wounds unlike that of a natural predator. With this in mind the party and I pressed on with more caution in the air.
We came upon two bodies, with hands tied behind their backs. heads lobbed off, bloody mess the lot of it. Close by a couple of axebeaks laid to waste, so I carved them up so we had an ample supply of food. I had took notice to the cauterized decapitation of the Axe beak, and the bolts in the side of it. “Looks to be a magical blade and some crossbow men.” Then came the real fun finding these people. I mean who outright murders someone in the open? We had put our noggins together and tracked the humanoid tracks some ways to the north east I believe, it was getting late into the evening by this point. Then we stumbled upon the lad. I’m glad Kurl was there or else it would have been hard to hold onto my soul.
The lad happened upon us exhausted to the point of passing out, his body wrapped in bruises and likely some broken bones. But a little magical healing aided his broken physique. while he laid passed out, I placed a hut around us. His hands tied behind his back, so I figured he was being pursued and took one step ahead to protect the young man.
Then the expected happened, A Captain from the Order of Rust approached with a condescending tone that mocked the party with every syllable of annunciation. He strongly favored the word boy and he had no time for our shenanigans. He wanted our new found being to be put to death, Kurl and I did not appreciate the idea. Kaine pressed us to give him up. Kaine is not a nice person. So, we woke the lad. He had to speak and speak fast, it was his life he better have a good story.
We learned the truth. That this is the fallen Court of Iron, and now the Order of Rust is in control, and behind it is a witch. She tainted the local water supply adding to their collection the those whom drink of it. Having known these facts and watching as the ones he grew up with and loved turned into raging mind controlled puppets of their former self he and two other friends tried to escape. The other two are dead but here he is. Putting his word to metal we looked upon and tested the captain, the chivalrous and brilliant Paladin shook the captain’s hand. it must have upset him or had holy spark cause it ruptured a vein on the captain’s forehead that sent him into a frenzy. Maybe that Paladin isn’t what we think he is…. nah.
Low and behold out of the wood work came the crossbowmen and the captain’s axe lit up on fire and came down hard on the pally. After making work of them, short end, ending their suffering. We scooped the half-elf away on horseback to a new campsite. He had warned that they were ferocious hunters and part of a scout team. So the others would be coming, we know this cause one of them let off an air torch.
After making a new campsite, we took a quick rest to bandage ourselves up. We waited inside of the snow hut for them to find us. They did, shot an arrow out with a letter attached. The well hearted knave Pally went forth to pick it up and the weather changed from clear skies to arrows. They still wanted this kid and they came after him hard with force, i stood behind to maintain the spell protecting the helpless while the others did their masterful art of combat.
Every last one was ran through or impaled with a small stick. It was a rather rough scenario, my heart dropped when Kurl fell to the ground, but we all managed to walk away. Later on in that evening we ran into the blood eye clan while the party slept. We warned them of the craven lunatic’s that is the order of rust. Showed them the symbol in which they brand their followers. However this could be confusing if they were to be the Court of Iron. I should have told them not to drink the water in the area. For the info they gave us five rabbits but I like the blood eye clan so I gave them an equal portion of Axebeak.
Not even three or so miles away from where we had made camp did we stumble upon a well. This well is not a good place as it is home to a some dark awoken stuff.
after exploring that we routed home. With our new friend Lutgar.

Aurum’s Third trip to the Tower Xenephia
w/ diplomacy of many kinds
Akita Aurum Banefre Blood Eye Chieftan Fook Blood Eye Clan Blood Eye Deslik Blood Eye Phil Dagobah DRM Dust Faeries Kaine Moonlit king Peppington Quickling Sprites Sylvan Stalker Symmir Tassjok Tressor War Ostrich Xenephia Ydrae
GM: Dagobah
PC’s: Aurum,Lord Peppington, Kaine, Akita, Dust.
The journey started off in the town of White Moon Cove at the Healer shop where I was able to negotiate the services of Tressor. I believe I was rather good at doing so but luckily Kaine was there to front the money for the services and wing man the price.
We took him to the Axe & Thistle where Perrin kicked everyone out of the Tavern for a small time being so that we could have a private conversation with the Head of Symmir, The dragon of Xenephia. Or so we thought. As magic swirled and gathered in colors of blue and green, animating the lifeless fixture that hung on the wall his glowing green eyes appeared and a slight grin on that face could be seen I swear it. “Quickly ask your questions, while I hold my magics firm,” Tressor may have said. So we asked our questions, five of them to be exact.
How many are in the lower section of the Tower, somewhere I believe to be 10, with one big baddy.
How do you get to Trader’s Bay, (my fault for wording, I should know better than to ask a dragon how he gets anywhere.) Flying.
Who do you work for, Moonlit.
Who has control over you, No one anymore, pact was broken., i was bound in my services by the dwarves of the mountain, (please reply at bottom if wrong)
And I forget the last question. I believe it was who did you make your pact with.
Then we began Our journey to Xenephia’s with a quick pit stop on the way with the blood eye clan. However it seemed that the forest itself is about raising it’s arms against us, or pretty much anyone who will come close. The Sylvan Stalker attacked us from the brush each time three arrows were launched, each time I narrowly dodged two while the third struck true. The second true arrow was enough pain to knock me unconscious. I woke up to the taste of a superior healing potion from Kaine. (He’s not so bad after all.) Then the monster slew Coal and Barley the riding horses Kaine and I brought along. Kaine dropped to the ground behind his horse. Dust sprinted into the brushes and was gone from my sight. Peppington commaned his rope to a pocket dimension, and Akita laid waste to the brushes with his fireball. (We didn’t put those out…, but it did rain that night.) I followed Kaines example and belly flopped from position to position trying to get closer to the attacker. Then it blew a horn, more sylvan Stalker’s came to play. I believe it was then that the Blood eye clan came to our aid. For they arrived shortly afterwards. They must have rode their wargs hard. While much of us struggled to deal with the Stalker Akita laid into the area with another fireball before the Blood eye clan showed up and ran them off. We were greeted by Phil leader of the Warg riders. He was partly happy to see us, and warmly welcomed us to come with him to the Blood eyes camp. We were invited for dinner of Boar in Ebur Rub and Cinquefoil. I personally believe the attack on our wagon by the Sylvan Stalker was because of the Blood Eye Clan and their recent expansion and fortification.

Sylvan Stalker

We came upon the blood eye clan, which within a month have made some drastic changes to it’s walls and infrastructure. They now have wooden walls and more permanent residential homes, A chief hut, and even quarters for our fellow adventurer’s. So wouldn’t it be fair to now call it a Town and give it a proper name. Well i was hoping to see Chieftain Fook, however he is away it seems pursuing a few leads of his own on the yellow bayou clan. (Sounds to me that honestly they are using his name to maintain order in the town. Even if it is true, he is likely dead unless we check on him.) In his absence a Female Shaman has filled his position in guiding the clan. Her name Deslik, she is a warlock of Banefre (Djinn). She gave us plenty of information, like that of the Chief, the CLan’s backstabbing treacherous ways and how they would like to have a for realsies agreement. But that is for the town as a whole to put up in the air. They used the mucus we gave them and gave it over to the moonlit king. Probably prospering or padding their sides. But now they see that we are strong and pretty much want to make a 100% jump ship. I’m fine with this but they will have to give us something in return in pentinance. I suggest if we cannot find Chieftain Fook we annex them, but I’m sure calmer heads here will come through. Our focus on Xenephia may only be a small picture of the grander scale. But I left once they began to break bread, i lost me appetite after that. Before I left the hut Kaine asked me for a few words of inspiration, so I impromptly give him some words that ryhme in due time just explain how it was plain, what could I do when he was number two.
So I plopped down on the ground with me hut, watched the rain slide down the invisble bowl as I began to calmly play the bagpipes. For some reason the name Ocnul is important but I forget why.
The journey to Xenephia’s was rather light in violence up until the point of gettign within six miles of it. Our first peculiar thing we saw was a possible mines.
Kaine who is suppose to be on look out was too worried about playing his lute he was the last to notice it.
On the next day of journey we came across a pact of Ostrichs. Kaine, being down about losing Coal, wanted to replaced his horse I belive. So with a few arcane words and somantics he began to squawk away. But That’s not how you do it. So I hopped off the wagon and over to the lad. Peppington gave me some goodberies as she caught onto to what I was doing. So I A sqauted low and non-threateningly and shsheshsehhuushhed as I scooted along slowly over to the Alpha female of the pact. I was able to feed here and calm her nerves. Then Kaine began to Squak something the poor beast liked cause it’s body language changed to something more lax. Kaine seemed to have not enjoyed where the conversation was going, but I took the oppertunity to hop on the creatures back. i did not like it at all, but I think I gathered that it instead wanted a partnership with Kaine. And he wasn’t going to help that.

War Ostrich

As we got closer to the tower it was rather clear that the Ostrich was rather endearing as it anf a few others kept following simple based on that small interaction. Kaine shooed it away, and that is when we wondered. Can a bird understand regret? Kaine never got her name, or sending stone.
The night before we were going to assault the tower as I was setting up my tiny hut I found that I was unable to pull the weave together. Reasoning being I had more persons than just that of us around. So I promptly pulled out the scroll of invisibility, I brought it along because of all the fae interactions that have been going on. Low and behold I see a green Fairy(of the Spring Court), and a Sprite, (of the winter Court.) These fea were in for a startling surprise as I looked at them and informed the party we were in their presence. they were awfully informative and mischievous. Gave me a good laugh because they filled two of our companions Backpack with rocks. Peppington speaks sylvan, I used comprehend languages and translated for my party. So Peppington got to speak with the little bits better than I. It’s nice to see a fairy again. We found out Ydrae had been hurt and we should do something about that. Possibly some other stuff, oh right. They were asking about the Courts of seasons and to whom we followed, the Winter queen or the Spring queen. But as soon as we mentioned the Moonlit King they scattered to the wind.

That evening during Peppington’s watch I believe we were fondly introduced to a quickling. I am unsure what they are, but dust enlightened us that is only a youth. which means it must be spawning season for such things. My guess is more are to come. But it kinda looks like an amalgamation of a bugbear and a dragon.

The next day we assaulted the tower, Peppington is good climber and climbed real good. But forgot to secure rope real good. So Akita had trouble climbing up. Pepp’s Eagle’s didn’t drop off Dust and Kaine into the wall which would have made things easier but they swung back around after Peppington told her birds to follow their orders. Then me being heavily loaded I got to the wall last. I boosted Akita’s spirits and he was able to bounce on up to the top. I was eventually able to get up as well.
We found Ydrae locked in Iron chains. Cuffed to each limb. Pretty sure something is special about that iron. Regardless when Kaine went upstairs to investigate with Akita and Dust they were attacked by gargoyles and crazy elfs. We should have kept one alive for questioning. But it makes me beg the question. Were they prisoner’s if they fought us? Likely, I wonder if they were under some form of mind control and if we misguidedly committed murder in self defense. This weighs heavy on me heart, but I know if I were to lose control of myself I’d want to die. We raided the room. Akita freed Ydrea, Dust triggered the room’s riddle and had a vision pushed into his head.
Tassajok, Prisoners down below, Nella the Driver.
DRM, Born of sorrow, Grows with Age, You need a lot to be a sage. (I think it’s wisdom.)
-Aurum Argenti Mordekiason