We heareded about lady that was having stuff moved around her house and we decided to go see what was happening. On the way down there we encountered some bad doggies and a couple of little guys with red hats that were really mean. When we got there the lady was really old and said she was really scared about the ghost that was moving stuff around.

We went into her house and did not see anything weird just lots of dust and some rats. It looked like no one had been in there for days and days but she had said she was staying out. When we opened the closet though is when we found the weird thing. There was a skull sitting on the floor with some writing on it and all across the floor. When one of the other people threw a rat at the skull it floated in the air and started yelling at us.

We got it to calm down and answer a few questions. We tricked it into opening the portal that it was guarding but did not really learn anything about what was on the other side. We did find out that the lady was it’s boss so I went out to talk to her. I asked her if she knew anything about the skull and she said she did not. I asked her to come inside so I could show it too her.

When we got in there the old lady yelled at the skull for opening the portal. That was when we knew she was trying to trick us. She said her sister was supposed to come out of the portal and kill us so they could loot our bodies. She then turned the rats into little devil things and that is when we starting fighting her.

Right away the lady’s sister finally came out of the portal and she was so purtty. She had really big leather wings and long black hair. She said she loved me and wanted me to let her sister get past to get away. Then she gave me a big kiss. It was great. I moved away so her old sister could get into the portal. Everyone else was really mad at her but I thought she was a vision of beauty. Her sister did get away but someone else grabbed the purtty lady and made her stay here with us. I was really happy.

Then she said she loved a different person in our group and that made me mad. She was supposed to love me. So I went over and stabbed her with my knife. That was when she fell down and turned into smoke. We checked around but did not find anything interesting and I went in and scratched all the writing in the closet. We decided there was nothing else we needed to worry about so we left.

On our way back we stayed over night in a cave because it was raining some. We heareded noises in the cave but decided to just come back home in stead of fighting them. Is a smallish cave sort of close to the river. We may want to go back and see what else is there.