DM: Geokhan

Road Building – Expand your horizons.

Amnon, Cober, Anhinga, Shozhu, Ildan, Birk, and I gathered in the tavern planning our road building trip. It seemed like Cober and Ildan had some past shared experiences in the past. We devised a plan to; send Anhinga to scout ahead for us, Birk to be our trailblazer and for Amnon to lead us during this journey.

Off we went on our adventure with a few caravans and road workers. We reached a fork in the road and found a well where we drank some water and refilled our waterskins for the rest of the trip. After traveling for an hour or so we found ourselves surrounded by some robots. We tried to communicate with them but the only response we got was “Beep! Beep! Beep!”. They kept approaching us, and we did our best to defend our workers but unfortunately, we lost one to them and Ildan’s and my equipment took some serious damage. On investigating the robots, it seemed like some higher intelligent being has created those.
After this combat, we took a short rest before we continue our journey.

After taking a small rest, we noticed something in the distance that looked like a hole in the ground. Upon moving closer to the area, it appeared to be an abandoned mine. Some poor adventurers amongst us wanted to go in but after discussing our priorities, we concluded sending Anhinga in the mine to check whether it was indeed abandoned or if there were any precious items. Cober, being attached to his floof friend, was reluctant to send her alone down the mine but he did it for the team. Our wonderful scout went down the mine and after a few minutes, it came back with some intel about detecting some arachnid smell in the abandoned mine. Being mindful of our mission, we decided against going into the mine and pushing our luck further. It was night time and we set up our camp a safe distance away from the mine.

When I woke up for my night guard shift, I was speechless at the sight of an injured, chestnut-colored horse sleeping in our presence. Since the horse did not seem hostile, we let it stay amongst us. In the morning I asked my friends if anyone knew about the horse and it turned out that he has been attacked by a bear and lost his master. He felt safe staying with us so we continued our road building journey with our new companion. Just as we set out to continue our trip, we were approached by a flock of huge birds that looked like Ostriches. We asked our druid to talk to them and see what they wanted from us and they told us that we were in their territory and to leave from here. After persuading them, we did not have to draw our swords off and continued our mission.

After traveling for a few miles, we saw a big area which appeared to have been burned down by something and had some giant bird-like footprints in the center. A few minutes after we resumed our trip, we were surrounded by a group of hyenas. It seemed like our road-building workers knew the drill by now and started running away. Birk changed his appearance to a big brown bear which scared our friendly horse off, making him run around the battlefield in panic. I was busy dealing with 2 hyenas and ended up being unconscious for a few seconds until Cober brought me back up on my feet. Once we were done with those two bad boys, we saw Shozhu having fun with a giant prone hyena which we ended up putting him down too. Birk our animal-loving friend tried to befriend one of the giant hyenas but he ran away. Having taken a few hits during the last combat, we took a short rest and continued building our road after we were well-rested.

We stopped for the night to take a long rest. During my shift, I heard some whistling sound but it didn’t appear threatening. A few minutes later, I saw a man approaching our camp and I woke everyone up when he tried taking our horse away. Birk talked to the horse and it turned out that it was indeed his owner who has been looking for him after the encounter with the bear. He gave us a small pouch with some gold coins as a sign of gratitude. He goes by the name of Griz Walton and we asked him to show hospitality towards other adventurers who might cross his path and he pointed out to us that there is a dangerous place to the south of where we were at and he bid us farewell. I went back to sleep afterward and to my great surprise when I woke up, Cober told the group about his find during his shift. They gathered a quite big quantity of silver dust. Ildan took some of the dust and made some holy water out of it.

The whole crew packed up and continued our road building journey until one of the workers pointed out that he saw something weird. We left Birk with the group of workers in case something unexpected would attack our precious road workers. Ildan, Shozhu, Cober, and I in the direction that the worker pointed to after Anhinga confirmed it was safe to go. Once there, we found a ruin which appeared to have been a tall building in the past. Shozhu and Cober both jumped into the muddy water and we tied a rope around them that I was anchoring. They found a stone that had the words “Rotmoor” written in Abyssal on it. We have no idea what it means, so we took the stone with us, finished the road building, and headed back to White Moon Cove.