Trade agreements and Traversing caverns.

A name catches Te’sil’s eye as she pours over old logs. Gently she retrieves it and brushes off the dust “Trade agreements and Traversing caverns.”

The log is written in a rough hand with soot stains on the paper, there’s some small green sticky marks too, presumably some creature’s dried blood.

To all ye who read this and the Elders to whom I’ve sent a copy.

We gathered to liberate a limestone mine and the overseeing mansion made out of limestone.

As we set out, after discussing some strategy and such, it was a short walk to the entrance of the mansion, some struggling and we managed to get the door open. Fortunately some of us had been here before and pointed out places of interest and traps and such.

Through the house we moved, checking passages, clearing them out using magics and prowess, smashing down doors, avoiding traps. We eventually walked into a room where one of our own apparently spotted a large spider, and a fight ensued, a second one was cleverly hidden on the ceiling away from view. The fight wasn’t easy, but we managed to persevere through the fight and slay the creatures.

We pushed onward and found a large room with all kinds of cocoons. Some we cut down, to check what or who was trapped inside, but we found no live specimen left, until one, where a creature wobbled out, revealing it was actually infested with spiders and certainly NOT alive.

A sound was heard, the creaking of a door opening, and our friend Balthazar investigated, the door closing shut right behind him, we vaguely heard some talking and patiently waited in the adjacent room, hoping he managed to do whatever he was doing.

Turns out he did indeed, a set of spiders ushered us into the room and we found ourselves facing Darcy, the friendly spider-wizard. Apparently Balthazar had managed to strike a deal with her, we’d trade dead livestock or corpses (fresh ones ideally…) and gold for the rights to mine Limestone

She also requested we deal with some creatures that were threatening the workers and the mine so after leaving the mansion in peace we went to the limestone mine.

After a short word to the goblin and bugbears who were almost running away, we convinced them we worked for Darcy, they showed us around some traps and disabled a few as we moved further inside, intent on taking care of the creatures post haste.

As we saw one, Vuldred said something in a language I do not know, intent on waiting for its reply, I got one in the form of a blinding ray, apparently I wasn’t the only one struck by it, and a fight ensued, it was taken down quickly and efficiently, a second one appeared around a corner and we killed that one quickly as well. We went further down the mine to see if we could find more but we only discovered the corpse of one, as well as a larger spider, one of Darcy’s underlings probably.  We went back up to the mansion and told Darcy what transpired.

Darcy mentioned a strong dislike for a wizard named Budaqor, Budakor, Bucador, Budagor…? One of those names, I don’t recall precisely. It sounds familiar to me though, I think I’ve heard it before…

Either way, mission accomplished, we set out back to town, there was some odd rumbling coming from underneath the mansion, near the mines, but we took this to be further excavation. I hope all stays well there.

– Thran Coalheart.