Players: Karash, Dust, Lyric, Abu, Chemist, Dwaff, Tarr

Not too long after leaving the Swollen Tooth I spotted what appeared to be a recent landslide.  The shifted stones from the landslide had revealed a large Jade column which stood very conspicuously on the mountainside. We approached the column and on closer inspection swirls of pink could be seen interlaced within the structure.
Karash was the first to touch the column and reported feeling healthier for it.  The rest of the party then undertook touching the column and receiving the same benefits.
None of knew who may have placed the pole or as to what purpose it had originally erected for.  Perhaps a temple of health or healing once stood at this location.

Jade Pole Location

With heighten vigor we proceeded westward when I noticed that we were being followed.  At first all I could make out was several large shapes crouched in the bushes, and when I alerted the party to this a group of Orcs erupted from the bushes and fled on foot back towards the mountains.  The group did not put much fear in such a small group and decided not to pursue them.

River Crossing

We camped the first night at the foot of the mountains and then traveled to the south the next morning.  Soon we came upon a large river where Lyric cast water walking on everyone in the party except for herself, as she seemed very eager to test out the magical gloves she had.  Our preparations made the crossing almost effortless and we continued on our way.

As the land stretch out before us a flock of birds could be seen circling off in the distance. However, we discovered that what had first appeared to be small birds were much larger creature at a great distance.  With a bit of observation it was determined that they were wyvern like creature hunting prey.  We noticed how they would take their prey to great heights and then release them to plummet back to the ground.  A very effective way to neutralize dangerous prey I thought to myself.

Not wanting to wander into the hunting grounds we decided to give the creatures a wide berth.  Our detour led us to the ruins of an old manor house of which all that remained were a few crumbling walls and an archway.  We discovered large claw marks on the remains of the walls and concluded it was caused by the Wyvern’s.  Thinking that there was a possibility that a nest was near by we began to explore the debris of the manor and discovered the entrance way to a caller.  Lyric took on the form of a badger and tunneled down to find a locked cellar doorway made from some unfamiliar wood with iron bands.  Dust attempted to pick the lock but reported that it had been barred from the inside and we would have to come up with another method.    

Abu provided the solution by constructing some strange spiky contraption.  The way his pudgy little hand delicately assembly the device was almost mesmerizing but when he said to stand back I made sure to move as far away as I could.  Moments latter a loud boom shook the area and dust and small rock blew past me and rain down for a few seconds later.  Abu’s device had definitely done its job as the door not laid about in splinters.

The inside of the cellar was dark and foreboding with piles of skeletons scatter about, it seemed a group of Taxbi had taken shelter here for the wyvern’s attack and then died of starvation.  As we conducted our search Taxbi spirts began to rise and cluster at the door way unable to leave the cellar it seems.  Abu quickly suggested that we remove the bones from the shelter and bury them to put the spirts at ease. I began to assist him in this endeavor, but it would seem the Sprites had other ideas as one on them, a seemly elder one, possessed Karash and told us that we would have to avenge them by killing the Wyvern.

We agreed to help the spirits and defeat the Wyvern’s and began to leave the cellar when we heard wings beats from the west and then observed a flock of Wyverns heading to the mountains carrying little dinosaurs, possibly baby dinosaurs and figured they were going to settle down for a feast.

We followed them back to the mountain and devised a plan to have Abu and Lyric scout out their nest location.  Once they returned they then led us close to the nest site where Chemist set up his tiny hut. We took shelter in there and started making a small racket until one of the Wyvern began to fly over to investigate the noise.   That is when Lyric unleashed a massive lightning bolt at it from the storm cloud she had made.  Then Karash launched a javelin at it.  I thought for a moment he had broken his arm in the attempt, but it was just dislocated or something.  This drew the other Wyvern’s out, and they began to descend upon us as Dust fired arrows and Abu used Abutu to distract them. One of them charged for the tiny hut and I quickly took bear form and stopped its advance.  It put a big hurt on me as struck me with its claws and stinger knocking me out of bear form and then rendering me unconscious. Luckily a good berry was poked down my mouth and I was able to get back up, and with heals from Dwaff and Lyric I was able to get back into fighting form. While this was going on Chemist was directing his band of skellies to hack them to death.  At one-point Lyric poked out one of the Wyvern’s eye before we brought them all down. Once we had killed all the Wyvern’s we searched their nest and found an old petrified egg in one of them and then headed back to the manor.

We retuned back to the manner and the elder spirt directed us to place the egg in one of the corners and then inhabited the egg.  Chemist used identify and detect magic on the now inhabited egg and only felt traces of non-descript magic, but also detected a heart beat from within.  We tried to take the egg with us but while we could lift it the egg got heavier the farter it got from the corner.  So, we left the egg and left all sorts of messages for it on the wall as well as leaving it a White Moon Cove armband.

We then headed back to the Swollen Tooth.</span