the first day of travel was uninteresting the first night was Oh god how to describe it. Well, picture a chicken that has been stretched apart and made to eat a watermelon, in another word it was Insane. First, we attempted to accomplish our mission witch we had been hired for by the high priest of Jamb retrieve Mine an undead monstrosity that he lost control of.

it swallowed ou-khan and tried to eat me as well as Twee then it flew up into the air and got shot losing its flight falling on top of me and twee? i think it was twee and nearly killing Ou-kan so we decide to rest where we took dow the beast then….

Cultists attacked us in the night we kill them not giving any fudge any more, go to sleep once more Fudging Gnolls attack from nowhere nearly everyone dies and we all hate life before we finish our long rest I am Never doing a mission for Ezekial again unless he pays me well which he did so… I want to retire. but I think I will stay a little longer.