Please come to Daffodil with any information!

So we left the town and met a ship!  I’m not much of a sailor but it was quite fun! We met some weird fish people and the sea LITERALLY come to life to attack us! We killed them all of course and my new research assistants were wonderful!  I really should invest in longbows for them though.

We napped throughout the day and then swam to the shore in the early hours to scout around.  We found some tracks and followed them into the forest and found a strange central session where a lot of tracks come together.  We hid in my gnome dome and covered it with foliage to make it seem like a large shrub and my skeletons hid in the nearby brush.  We heard some voices and using a gift from my friend Twee I was able to understand what they said!  It was six gnolls, one beefier than the rest were leading them and also pouring water from a water barrel onto the ground.  The rest of the gnolls seemed to be intentionally making tracks.  They left behind some cloth very intentionally on the side of the tracks they made.  As they were walking they were complaining quite profusely about traveling a lot, moving through the night, the bad food, and one gnoll they all hated and were glad to leave behind.  The name of that gnoll was either Zork or Zorg.  It was hard to discern.  They came from the north and headed west and seemed to be camping.  We left them be and followed their tracks to see where they came from.  We successfully ambushed a group of gnolls with a cart and then continued on.  We eventually made it to the port!

Port location and port layout. 

A few well-placed fireballs in the middle of the port took out their siege equipment, at least that we could see.  Of course, that poked the hornet’s nest and we were attacked.  The attackers were made up of humans, presumably cultists by their attire, gnolls, and some weird blue undead I am unfamiliar with.  During the chaos, Karn went invisible and we didn’t see him by the time we made it back to town.  A little scouting showed the ship was messed up, the house in the middle of the port was missing a roof and the siege weapons were burnt crispy so whatever Karn did he did well.  I do hope he turns up!