• Blue the Druid – Scout
  • Daffodil the Wizard – Trailblazer
  • IronAle the Barbarian
  • Rein the Paladin – Leader
  • Rijax the Wizard
  • Thoradin the Cleric


  • Travel to the bugbear Broc Lee’s cave to the south west of White Moon Cove to learn more about fire snakes on behalf of Blue
  • Find work


Abandoned Red Robe

  • A red robe was abandoned on the road southwest of White Moon Cove. The party was unable to determine its origin

Attempted Ambush

  • A hobgoblin attempted to ambush the party while they refilled their waterskins at a creek. When discovered by Rijax the hobgoblin fled

Magical Mansion

  • The party investigated a burnt out mansion on the side of the road as there may have been children inside
  • Balls of fire and lightning bolts were seen streaking across the sky above mansion
  • Rijax cast Detect Magic and was blinded by the magical energy in the area with schools  of origin running the entire spectrum
  • When trying to enter the mansion a lightning bolt hit IronAle, Rein, and Rijax. Rein was knocked unconscious so the party decided to leave
  • Rijax noticed that Thoradin’s hammer began to glow with a magical energy after healing Rein

Great Beasts

  • Blue discovered some rhinoceros grazing off the road and went to observe them

Jerry the Halfling

  • Jerry the halfling was encountered outside Broc Lee’s cave
  • The area smelt of decay
  • When asked about any work in the area Jerry said he needed beholder eye stalks
  • He directed the party to a rumored barn to the north west where a zombie beholder was seen 
  • Party voted to investigate the beholder and return the eye stalks to Jerry in exchange for treasure
Bursa-Turkey, Rocks, Stones-Rocks, Turkey, Ancient

Monster Tracks

  • On the way to tracks of some sort of great beast were seen
  • Party voted to move quickly to avoid the beast

Lone Barn

  • A lone barn was found in the area Jerry informed the party to look
  • Cellar doors led down

Barn Basement

  • The barn’s basement was made of masonry walls and flagstone floors
  • Many walls were destroyed
  • There were pools of blood on the floors and walls and ceiling
  • Party moved cautiously looking for the beholder
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Alchemical Lab

  • An alchemical lab with assorted supplies was found through a destroyed passage
  • Rijax found a brazier, charcoal, and incense required to cast the Find Familiar spell but decided to wait to cast it as it was a dangerous area

Beholder Zombie

  • The decaying beholder was found alone in a room and a battle ensued
  • Rein and Blue were each nearly killed with single blasts from the zombie’s eye stalks
  • Rein was frightened by another blast of an eye ray
  • Daffodil landed a critical hit with a cast of Scorching Ray to do severe damage
  • The rest of the party contributed to damage to dispatch the zombie without any casualties
  • 4 eye stalks were recovered from the beast with 1 eye stalk being in better condition than the others

Treasure Chest

  • A treasure chest was found in the zombie beholder’s lair
  • It contained a great deal of copper, some silver, and gold coins
  • Behind the chest an octogonal shaped divett was found in the wall. The team attempted to place a coin in the divet but nothing happened
  • It’s unknown what the divett’s origin or purpose is

Tentacle Monster

  • When investigating the rest of the cellar the party discovered a tentacled monster floating in the rafters
  • The monster grappled IronAle and flew up to the ceiling with him
  • The rest of the party dispatched the monster with ranged attacks and spells with minimal damage

Old Writings

  • Rijax climbed a rope to into the rafters and found a pile of old parchment papers with writing on them
  • The writing was faded and indecipherable so Rijax collected them in case he could find some way to restore the writings later

Bald Ankhegs

  • A trio of balding ankhegs burrowed into the basement as the party was leaving
  • The ankhegs looked as if they had been in a fight as they were all injured
  • The ankhegs burrowing caused further damage to the walls which caused the ceiling of the cellar to start collapsing
  • One ankheg grappled IronAle and began dragging him away
  • Rijax and IronAle were separated from the rest of the party as the ceilings collapsed
  • IronAle defeated the ankheg and rushed to the exit before he was trapped
  • Rijax was trapped in a room by falling debris and had to find another way out
  • Rijax barely made it out before being buried in rubble as he ran through the cellar to find an alternate exit while burdened by carrying the coins and beholder eye stalks

Return to White Moon Cove

  • The party opted to return to White Moon Cove to recover before returning to Broc Lee’s cave to deliver the beholder eye stalks to Jerry the halfling
  • Thoradin’s warhammer was found to no longer emitting a magical aura