War Journal Entry

Scrolls, succubi, and a distinct absence of spleens. 

Another day, another quest to find some scroll or another.

High points: 

Another great job of leadership by Emily.

Some new companions to adventure with: the druid Lysing, Ska, Hrafna, and Wolfgang. Previous companions Thiala, Frederick, Emily, Fiver and Sixer.

This was a good, balanced team.

We headed out, encountering typical cold weather. A rather odd squirrel in a tree our first night was the proud recipient of an arrow after (I think) Emily told me the beastie was anything but stew meat with a fluffy tail.

Our second night out featured several swarms of firey, burning worms. We declined to fight them becausr they did not approach our encampment. I got the distinct sense that these worms were unnatural. Weather they are evil or not, of course I cannot say. Aftet a short time the worm swarms dwindled to a handful in wach nest that went to different nests from the ones they emerged from. Perhaps a mating ritual, but again I cannot say.

On the road we encountered a barely clad damsel. Since this is the Isle and not the fleshpots of the mainland, I was wary. Sure enough, the damsel turned out to be a harridan of hell with a court of imps and a big guy with an axe as a date for the dance. 

The stars of the fight were: Emily, who turned the hellspawn away with divine magic; Frederick, whose sheer skill with “sword and board” combat kept the big guy safely away from our more fragile companions; and Lysing, whose timely use of wind magic saved us from a foul green poison cloud of death.

The nearly nude “maiden” as a final strike tried to seduce Lysing and dragged him into the bushes. The rest of us proceeded to beat, spell and shoot her until (I think) Emily smote the wench, ending the fight.

While the scroll eluded us, we drove some Evil from the woods and came back still breathing and modestly wealthier. We learned a bit more about this cursed place,