Dungeon Master: Seph
Party: @Robert B(Ogis/Tuzok) @MPZ(Titus) @Bladetykon (Belanor) @Eggsteen (Mo’Vak) @Budda (Karn) @Mal (Naal/Valorean/HcGlanfath) @Lloyd(Iquis)
Session Date: Saturday, 9/19/2020. Start time: 11:30AM EST.

The Following Letter is comprised of poor and hard to read writing, almost if the writer had a very poor concept of the common language. At the bottom, there is a poorly drawn symbol of Tempus, the God of War.

Mo’Vak (this is me) was called to an impromptu mission, organized by a large man by name of “Karn”. Karn is a very angry man. Mo’Vak does not like this Karn, as he is very angry. Joined by Mo’Vak were few other man and bird. Mo’Vak lost count of the number. We were brought to a big rock place near a crossroads, with walls of flesh blocking the entrance. Karn opened the flesh wall with just a mere thought, which is impressive. We entered a large, twisting cave with flesh covering the walls. In big cave, there was a fleshy egg that spoke to me in Goblin, which scared me. This Egg was named..Jun, I think. It wanted more blood to make exlyir, and more cult members. Karn and 3 others are apart of the cult, indicated by their purple eyes. I detected that this was an evil being, and Mo’Vak thinks we should destroy it, in the Name of Tempus (my god). After this, we went to the magic red portal, which brought us to the dungeon. The dungeon was already cleared, except for 4 undead eye stalk monsters, a big giant ant monster, two shape-changing monsters, and Karn. We fought beasts, and also Mo’Vak found a secret tunnel! But Holy One was knocked out before Mo’Vak could open it. Then, Mo’Vak was attacked by a human ant monster, and we roughhoused, fought, wrestled, then he brilliantly got Mo’Vak in his jaws! Then it went cold, and now Mo’Vak is in the tavern. Mo’Vak needs to get paladin and clerics to help defeat the evil one.

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