Tara asked for my help and was able to convince some others to come along and help her. Apparently she has been going out into the plains to visit a friend and said friend now needs help. So we set out, Gregory, Mine, Tingork, Aether, Irondan, and I, Ruebekka.
We killed some gnolls. One of them was the most Brad of them all. I chucked a magic snowball at him and he batted it back at me. It hit me in the CROTCH it freaking hurt and then Irondan was all hey Rueb, you mind curing my gnolls virus, and I’m like can’t you see I’m HURT! and then he was like it will make you stronger. I really wanted to let him in on how I felt, but show of personal experience. I didn’t, and I cured him of his gnoll cooties.
Like two hours later some skeletons and Mr. Snowman approached the camp site. That freaking Brad threw a snowball at the skeletons, I think he got some moxie seeing us around or he was just trying to die. Either way we went to town, freakin Aether though, with his loud magic destroyed a bunch of the standing bones. Afterwards we talked with Mr. Snowman. We tried asking him a bunch of questions but he could only respond with yes, no, and pointing.
Not even another two hours later a freaking fiery bird fell out the sky. Tingork was looking at the sky as though he saw something. I slept in my hole after that.
So we went south, Mr. Snowman took us far from where we met him, some two days travel with out the road. Well we found a special well and I drank some poopy water that made me all freeze into a solid chunk of ice. I didn’t sleep well, but my fellow adventurers sure did. Must have been freaking nice!
We went far south but the expedition grew weary and we decided to head home to WMC. On the way home I was able to get close to a Ngobou, it’s like a dinosaur and kinda looks like a spiky Ox with tusk and stuff. Too bad, Gax would have enjoyed this. There wasn’t anything else of real interest on the way home. Now I have two friends, Tara, and Mr. Snowman. Well at least until spring.