I’m not even sure where to start….
So we all meet up at the JubJub’s. I Kavor, Xell, Teshrin, Sender, Sixer & Taishina. Some of them were new, some of them older. Most of us had been on a few missions before, so we felt confident. Decided to go hunt some gnolls. But maybe our choice of leader was… questionable, now that I look back at it.

Xell was chosen as leader. An attempt to prove what he could do I think. I saw no reason to object, he had been doing well so far. Though he choose to lead us through the mountains to go to the northern plains, rather than east to the tempest plains. Reports have been told that gnolls had amassing and moved North, so a shortcut he though… Oh how wrong he were. We should have said something. But at last we just followed.

First we got ambused by 2 large blood oozes. No really! Blood Oozes. Massive amount of blood that would slide across the ground and suck our energy out of it. It preyed upon blood, sustained by it. We exposed of both these creatures taking a few casulties, but nothing to major.

We continued our track and kept going further into the mountains until we hit a cravice. A place where the snow is protected from the sun by tall mountain walls on both sides. Be very aware.

What we meet their was…. Disgusting. Unnatural. frightening.

I don’t know what it was. But it was gigantic. A gigantic mess of blood, bone and tissues. With it’s almost 15 feet and a Spear that could reach just as far, it was a Miracle that we survived.
Thanks to Sixers healing, he kept the party on it’s feet. Through attacks and clever maneuvers we kept dwindling down this unnatural creature… Some of us went down doing the fight, but luckily Sixer protected us. I’m not sure I would have made it without him.

We finally feel the victory, but not before a horn blew throughout the mountain. I have a feeling that this wasn’t even some of their strongest creations. Merely the scouts. I shudder to think what else they have in store.

To anyone that thinks about going through the Mountains. DON’T! This is a clear warning! Do not think you won’t be attack by similar creatures. If not by these, then the dragon we saw.

Yes a dragon! No I’m not crazy! And a giant eagle too! *puts his forehead in his hand and stares into the fire* I’m not going back to those mountains.

If anyone wants to go and take out some more Tsaran Cultist creations, then just take the mountain pass north of JubJub. You won’t miss it or the friendly dwarves will show you the way. Just…. Be careful and prepared.

I need to take a rest. – Kavor Dinark