Timmy headed out of WMC with 4 other companions, My Favorite Snipper the wonderful( he’s gnome so yeah he’s awesome), Oogway The Pin cushion(He gets poked ALOT!), Dimble the┬áStoner(I think he may be Smoking something wacky), Wolfgang who i forget did what? and of course myself, the HERO!

So nothing happened all day and Timmy was getting so Bored, until some strange and untrustworthy man screamed at us and said dumb things like “help!, they gonna kill me, i did nothing wrong” Yeah right, Timmy knew better. but Timmy saved him anyways, like Timmy always does, it so tiring being the hero all the time? Next time i’lll make Snipper the Hero! So that Lying man gave Snipper the necklace and sniper loves shiny things so i let him keep it, he is wonderful after all. Since it was late on the day we stayed at the inn at this little town, and it was FREE! Timmy loves FREE!

The next morning we head further south and get ambushed by 12 Dwarf Bandits trying to rob us and Snipper starts to goof around with some Twig Friends of his i mean they came out of his backpack right? as everyone was playing with the Twig friends, Timmy saved the day yet again with a shot from his Bow he shoots the most amazing shot ever, it went though all 12 Dwarves and Timmy Saved the day again. All of a sudden the twig friends actually are that nice and beating up my friend Snipper the Wonderful and Oogway the Pincushion, so Timmy Jumps into the air, into a Slow motion Flip while firing arrow after arrow and Slaying all the Twig Friends Enemies with out breaking a sweat.

Eventually we come across a little hunt by the swamps, and Timmy and Oogway go to investigate, Oogway was so loud sneaking the Denizens of the Swamp ran away thinking he was a giant, while I Timmy was so Sneaky Oogway lost him. but we soon found out it was just a hut, SO BORING!!! So we Traveled North to find the old road again, and it started raining and Timmy was soon very unhappy and Wet and Exhausted, Timmy went to sleep in the Wet road.

The next morning Snipper had the Dumb idea to go looking for that lying man who gave us some necklace, because he thinks it is summoning a little twig enemies, so dumb, it an object it cant do anything. We travel and Like 6 Twigies come out of his bag, and now I’m sure Snipper is trying to play tricks but i humor him, and Timmy saves everyone once again. WE change course and go to WMC, Find some Swindler who took all our jewels and told use it was cursed. Then Timmy remembered he got a book from that man the liar. He reads the book and finds out the necklace was stolen from some mighty Wizard in a Cave. So we go to bed and get some rest, for FREE!

OMG my hand hurts why must i write so much, ill shorten this one. So The next Day we head out to the cave, and Timmy being the hero, Saves everyone again after returns the necklace and does lots of Negotiations, and safely returns everyone to a INN north of the cave.