DM – Taka
PCs – Rein, Abel, Birk, Snowball, Quil

This has to be my strangest journey out of White Moon Cove yet. Waking up in the morning, I felt a strange pull in my head pointing me westwards out of town. I went down to Axe & Thistle to see if anyone else felt the same way, and found a table of other adventurers who were all in a similar position. Eager to discover the source of this, we left to find some answers.

The rest of the day was quite uneventful, as we marched down the newly made Thunder Dwarf Way. However, as we set up camp for the night, the feeling in our heads began to intensify and the fields blurred around us. As our vision began to settle down, we found ourselves in a strange room, all of us sitting exactly where we were around our campfire.

There were many things that felt off about this new location. Everything seems very well lit – but we could not find any light source. The pile of hay beneath Quil looked like a bed, but upon inspecting it, it felt as though the entire thing was made of solid wood. Even the box that Rein was sitting on seemed like it was a block of wood made to look like a box. Just outside of the room, we could hear zombie-like groans.

Investigating north, with Abel at the front, we turn into a room, where we see a small fey creature sitting on top of a barrel. The fey noticed us, and struck up a conversation with us – calling us “Dreamers”, and talking about how he and his friends had arrived in this place a few minutes ago. Once he realized that we didn’t know where we were, he explained to us that the only way to safely exist in this space is to die, and with a flash of movement, stabs Abel 3 times.

We jump into action as the fey creature lets out a whistle, upon which these zombie-like creatures, which the fey creature called “antibodies”, and other flying aberrations started coming from other rooms towards us. As we start taking these creatures down, we notice that some of them simply disappear after dying, and the zombies crumble to dust once they are defeated. The fey creature manages to escape further north, and we quickly clear the rooms around us.

Once we were out of combat, we searched the rooms around us, noticing that some of the barrels and boxes indeed contained some loot. These looked and felt real, as though placed purposely by the dreamer in order to mimic a real life dungeon. Hurt from our first encounter, we decide to go back into the room we came from and try to get some sleep. The “night” passed pretty uneventfully, with a couple of the fey creatures peeping in and laughing at us, but time also seemed to pass quickly as well.

We wake up, and proceed further north. I messed up our groups attempt at sneaking up to another of the fey creatures that we found, but we managed to take it down pretty quickly. A hidden door in that room revealed the location of the fey that we had met the day before, and we make quick work of him and the antibodies at his command.

Heading south, we come across this bigger room, where 2 of the fey creatures, one of the flying aberrations, and a tiny beholder-like creature turned to face us, as we yet again went back into combat. We took some hits in this battle, but Abel managed to scare the creatures as divine energy channeled through his body, allowing us to quickly turn the tide of the fight.

Suddenly, we felt yet another strange feeling, this time with the feeling that this reality is about to come to an end. The last fey creature, smiling at us creepily, turns and stabs at the small beholder, before disappearing from this world. As we finished up the foes in this area, we see the image of yet another, slightly bigger, still beholder-like creature appear in the center of the room. It looked at us, seemingly disgusted by the fact that we were in its dream, before casting us away from it. Reality once again dissolved around us.

We found ourselves back in what seemed like the real world, but our campsite had moved far to the west, placing us half a day away from Ruined Oak. Confused, but not wanting to stay any longer in the wilderness, we push towards Ruined Oak, where we take the portal back to White Moon Cove.

Even though we’re back in the safety of town, I’m sure that I’ll be having some difficulties sleeping tonight. This island is truly a strange place.

Couldn’t sleep, so I stayed up to sketching, trying to get the images out of my head.