DM: Seph
PCs: Valorean (Yours truly), Eight, Karn, Caslech, Twee, Cober, Ildan.

We set out from WMC in my carriage, headed toward the Tempest Plains to scout out Gnoll movements. Couple of days of uneventful travel until we reached the Blood Eyes, interrupting a mugging attempt along the way by ferrying a merchant to the goblinoids with whom he wanted to trade. We got like 10 gp for our troubles. At least our intervention didn’t lead to violence. But I digress.

After resting for the night at the clan’s ghost of a village, we proceeded Nort East, intending to skirt the Neathy woods, where we had reports of them making camps. We began hearing omnipresent war drums that never stopped after a few miles north of the Hobgoblin outpost. I suspect these are a permanent illusion to scare off less prepared adventurers and misleading more prepared parties.

Evidence of an army was the utter lack of game to hunt. Bring rations if you’ll explore up there.

Our search for worthy foes came to an end when we found a dracolich self styling itself as “Grelk”, commanding a dozen damned souls attacked us. I managed to drive half of the lesser undead with my holy symbol. Caslech or Cober managed to hypnotize three more while Eight, Karn, Ildan and myself crushed the bony dragon. I believe Cober’s undead only managed to hit one transparent undead that had been hypnotized the whole time.

Eight took advantage of us flanking it on all sides and climbed on it’s huge spine, each step breaking it a little more only to culminate in a coup de grace that propelled it’s skull 10 feet off it’s body. If this was created by the necromantic tribe of gnolls, and we have reports of them creating utter bone titans, I truly fear for our souls.

After finding no signs of a gnoll but those perpetual drums, which I reiterate I suspect are illusory because they never stopped, nor were we approached.

At any rate, we returned without any Gnoll pelts, only to realize that we should be looking for them underground.