Emerion’s day startes plainly enough still getting accustomed to his new home and surroundings, however all that changed when he heard tell of Dire Corgies? Now surely this must be the ravings of some senile old man however it drew the attention of quite a group interested to see if the tales were true. Emerion joined up with this assorted group and they set off to search for these supposed creatures, the first day was nothing to eventful besides seeing more of this land and coming across a strange land canoe. He got to know some of his groups slightly better, an old one eyed hobbit alittle gruff but worth his snuff, a strange yet interesting fellow by the name Koro who MAY have mentioned a certain Great Lord of the Deep in passing. He met a cleric by the name of stitches who he spent slightly more time with. We passed the land canoe by and made note of it for a later day and pushed on for Corgies. We came across a ruined wagon and upon inspection found an odd pink fan and nothing much else, the day spent we decided to make camp. The night was far from quiet though as not to long after starting to rest a group of Orcs approached the camp, I was immediately on edge since i have no love or trust for Orcs and hid with a drawn bow. The group said they had encountered hardships and couldnt find food, Stitches generously offered her own to them and they revealed they had indeed seen what appeared to be Dire Corgies then took their food and went on their way. In the early hours of the morning while I took watch with Stitches making small talk and sharpening a walking stick we heard the sound of a cart approaching and went to investigate. We came across two Hobgoblins, the cart was apparently theirs and they had lost it while fleeing from some huge and terrible lizard with oddly small arms. Having no further visitors the group pressed on deeper into the plains, they Travler for roughly half a day befor coming across a small gully of sorts where a strange altar sat. Koro (while mentioning some Great Lord in passing) read from this altar a name….. Three times…. And from the ground came strange enemies who brought bugs and vermin with them. Koro did valiantly walk into the middle singing the praise of his Lord who he may have mentioned once before and took most of the enemies attention, the battle progressed and Stitches fell to the ground as one of the creatures advanced for the killing blow. Koro again threw himself into harms way to save Stitches but in the process was taken down himself. Thankfully the monsters were slain just in time, thanks to group efforts and some good luck (mostly luck) no member of our party was lost. Beaten and weary we moved on to find decent resting ground and came to a river, we backtracked a slight ways to make came in all settled in to nurse our injuries. The night again was quite busy as i was awoke by Ander telling me he heard strange noises, me and Stitches went to asses the situation and we found a man, he was scratched up quite bad and most likely had a concussion not to mention he was completly nude which couldnt have been comfortable on the ground around that area. It appears he had been travleing with the hobgoblins and in the chaos he was flung frome the cart, Stitches stripped her bedroom for clothing for the man and I gave him some for and had him join us (under observation). The rest of the night went slowly and unevenfully and before long we were on our way again. We made our way back to the river and beheld quite the sight….. True flesh and blood Dire Corgies, they perched across the river and observed us for a time barking and yipping amongst themselves, coats gleaming and looking quite healthy and very much real. Haveing found what We were after we set for home and made relatively good time untill we came to a small seemingly abandoned farmhouse which we promptly decided to stay the night in without much of a second thought. Ander being our first watch was harried by a woman in strange seemingly heavy armor who claimed this to be her and her families land and us to be trespassers, Ander alerted the rest of us and we agreed to leave but she scoffed and left without much fight or even asking for coin. Knowing this surly was a good sign of luck we went back to our positions to sleep, a few hourse passed in peace before some strange worm like creatures came up from beneath the floor and began to attack us all. I attempted to impressively leap the wall and escape but fell back into place as the creatures attack most of our group, oddly enough before i could try again they began to submerge back from whence they came. We did not question why they had left only were thankful they had, i wanted to burn the place to the ground to ensure no future travlers fell into the same trap but in the end we made all haste for town leaving that strange farmhouse as we had found it. Arriving back in town with quite a lot more stories some of which embarrassing i setteled into a seat at the pub and shook my head in disbelief……Dire Corgies were in fact real.