Gathered at the Inn

DM: Tam


  1. Osmorn | Bard 2
  2. Mako | Blood Hunter 4
  3. Calatar | Bard 4
  4. Till | Cleric 1/Sorcerer 3 – Trailblazer
  5. Caslech | Warlock 4 – Scout
  6. Abel | Paladin 4 – Leader

Mission: Helping Odette clear the forest southeast of MID

Portal Trip

We took the portal to MID all of us experinced except Osmorn. I went first to make sure if the cold took him I could easily heal him. The cold did take him and I stood him back up.  We traveled southeast and noticed the outskirts of the forest were vibrant colors and not just purely greens and browns.  We decided to Camp for the night and a few creatures speaking Sylvan attacked us.  We took all but one sprite down. The bug like creatures we were later told are called Meanlocks. 

Meeting the Swan Maiden

As we traveled the next day, Caslech noticed a white being following us. It turned out to be who we were looking for Odette.

We spoke to her and she asked us to keep the outskirts of the woods patroled while her and her court removed a threat to their camp.  She also asked us to help the relations of the Swan Maiden’s Court to the Fishscale Tribe of hobgoblins.

The Shell Coats Are Coming

As we traveled towards the Fishscale Tribe  we noticed tracks heading toward their settlement and followed them. When we saw the creatures Mako identified them as Shellycoats and told us they are evil natured. 

Abel approached them and they yelled at us in giant. Mako said they were not happy wiht us being there… and two more froglike creatures emerged. These creatures were tough and even though we lost noone in the struggle we also failed to take any of them down. The Shellycoats utilize darkness and fog cloud and can regenerate. The other being can become invisibile and has the ability to summon a wall of ice. These creatures are dangerous.

The Way Home

 We ran the creatures out of thier living area and stayed there for the night. We found some gems and toppled over staue as we went through the night. We hurried back to Port Mirandia. We did not encounter anything dangerous and make it back to the portal in two days time. We hurried through and this time Osmorn made it through no problem. We quickly went back to White Moon Cove.