So the last time we went out to find the bandits we did not find them. As we were coming back to town we realized we were on the wrong side of the river. This time we goed on the right side. Just a little out of town we was stopped by some dogmen. They wanted our stuffs but we told them the only thing we give them is an introduction to Kelemvor. They took us up on the offer so we did.

A little later, as we was following the river, we was looking for the bandits but was not finding them. Just as we was talking about setting up camp they surprised us. They was not very good bandits because they keeped missing and we killed them easy. They had some gold and a key. Not wanting to sleep next to dead guys we moved a little away and set up camp. The next morning we followed they’s trail back to the cave with the dragon skull. The skull was all broken up and taken away but we did find a small box that looked like it held a key, the same one on the bandits.

We remembereds the tower in the ground so decided to see if this key would open up the metal door we could not get through last time. It took us a couple days to get there and on the way we encountered more dogmen. They also went to go talk to Kelemvor. When we got to the buried tower it was just getting dark but we thinked we had time to check it out. It was full of lots of confusing puzzle stuffs. We had to not eat some yummy looking food, it was rotten inside. We had to try to open a box that opened a secrets door.

There was some books that each needed different things to happen to them. Water, dirt, fire and breathing. It was sort of weird. There was a glass wall with a bunch of statues on the other side. We lined up like they were and the door opened. The next level had a bunch of statues all looking at the stairs down and the wooden barrier blocking it. They was like the other statues on the way, supper detailed and looked scared. Except one, he lookeded ok with being stone. There was also a book that talked about Mad-oos-ahs, and how they has a lair. Everyone was convinced that we was about to find one of them. I breaked the barrier that was around the stairs and we started down.

The owl goed first and started making lots of noise. We backed up and let the magic guy look through the owl’s eyes. He said there was four snake hair ladys down there and maked his owl come back. Everyone was worried about if we could kill the snake ladies and while they was talking I wanted to see them, so I went down to look. That was when I seed that the snake ladies was all statues too. The rest of the group comed down and wanted to block the ladies heads for some reason so I emptied out my back pack and put it over the head of one of the statues. They thinked this was a good idea so all the statues had their heads covered.

The group said maybe they looked at each other and maked them stone. That not make sense to me but sounded ok. Then one of the peoples goes over to the chest that was in the room. As he started to open it the box bit him! It was not a box at all but a monster pretending to be a box. We chopped the box monster up and when it died it oozed all over and left some treasure. We taked it all and headed back up to outside.

As we was making camp three more dogmen comes up and looks at the group. We yells and scares them off but are worried they may come back. Sure enough I finished my looking time and goed to sleep then suddenly they was trying to drag me away. We sent them to Kelemvor as well and finished sleeping. The travel back to town was simple and we goed a little past night to get there instead of camping out again. We got lots of stuff done and that should help bunches.

Someone may need to go see if the dogmens are making troubles. There was a lot of them and everyone said that was sort of weird.