Day 1

I was sitting alone in the Axe and Thistle, after recently portaling back from Ruined Oak with Lyric. I waited there for quite a while before a Bugbear woman, who introduced herself as Lorr, and her son Carr, arrived. Along with several other adventurers, I was tasked with escorting this cart to the Blood Eye clan’s settlement north-northwest of White Moon Cove. Now, at this point, I was greatly disturbed, as the notice on the mission board stated nothing about a child. To add to this discomfort, one of the adventurers in my party was Githyanki. This was very bad. I ignored him when at all possible, and did not speak to him at all. He scared me. Anyways, we struck out onto the road west of White Moon Cove, and traveled for a while before coming to a crossroads. At this crossroads, there was a pole, on which loose, tattered, robes hung. Upon closer investigation, a skull was wrapped up in the robes. Due to my… clouded memory, it took Ogis’ statement about “tentacle faces” to realize that this was, in fact, the skull of an Illithid. This makes me nervous, as this could mean that the Brain Eaters are near. However, this one was dead, and that brings me comfort. Further down the road, we found an abandoned cart full of fruit, advertising a copper per piece. Ogis, due to his inability to count properly, left a gold piece to pay for the fruit, and grabbed a few handfuls. Many partook, although I did not. I found it quite suspicious. Despite my qualms about the ominously abandoned fruit stand, we camped there for the night. 

Night 1

I was awoken by many people screaming, due to the fact that a chest had grown a tongue, and was holding onto Ogis. Additionally, Lorr was trying to kill us. This was startling. I didn’t like it very much. The battle raged long and hard, with Lorr and Carr revealing themselves to be horrible, gray-skinned, faceless creatures, while another crate grew appendages and started attacking me. I almost died (again), but Khora healed me up and I managed to score the final blow against the filthy abberation.

Day 2

We made it to the Blood Eye clan’s settlement with no issue, and upon seeing the WMC armbands, they let us in. However, we discovered that Lorr and Carr were, in fact, missing, and had headed off to WMC with a shipment. I assume that they were both killed and impersonated by these strange, gray, beings. We kept the contents of a chest on the cart, which contained gold, a potion of healing, ink, and some other papers that I didn’t get a good look at. We returned the fruit to the Blood Eye clan, and I drove the cart back towards White Moon Cove.

Night 2

Night two was, for once, blissfully uneventful.

Day 3

We encountered a spring that had sprung beside the road. This was strange, as it was not there on the way towards the Blood Eye clan. We also came across some hill goblins eating a boar. We killed them all with no issue. After this, we promptly made it back to town, divvied up the loot, and went our separate ways.