Players: Zak, Chalie, Dorro, Nalkris, Timmy, Vestrivan

Day 1:

The first day of travel northward seemed very uneventful, as we moved towards the Neathy Wood.

Night 1:

Our night watches went by fairly uneventfully, save for the last watch, during which a group of small, glowing, seemingly electrically charged moths called Sparkwings went to eat the spores that Dorro was emanating. It shocked him when it landed, and seemed to continue to charge as it flapped its wings. Dorro shooed it away. Apparently these moths are an omen for a coming lightning storm of large proportions.

Day 2:

Upon venturing into the forest, we explored for a bit, until we found a very large, child-sized, grape-shaped fruit with a foamy texture and orange color. The stem, the size of my forearm, was bright pink. It seemed out of place on this tree. Chalie climbed the tree and punched the stem very hard, causing the fruit to splatter on the forest floor. Upon eating the fruit, Zak discovered a rather pleasant, if acquired taste. However, two small frog people emerged from the forest and started garbling at us incoherently. None of us spoke their language, but when another one appeared, we gave the two on the ground goodberries. They seemed to request more, but upon giving them more, they took them and stomped on them. When Zak offered two gold pieces towards their apparent leader, a red frog wearing a top hat, the frog raised its hand, bringing it down, causing the plants on the ground around us grew impossibly fast, slowing our movement immeasurably. They then began to attack us, and combat ensued. When these frog people were killed, they seemed to gurgle happily as bits of blood floated into the air and disappeared. Even though they massively hindered movement with the plant growth, Zak was able to use his psionic ability to jump around with the frogs, moving more quickly than the others. However, the creatures started chittering loudly, and they stunned Zak and Chalie rather often. We killed the last of them, and ran away from the huge white frog that seemed to be chasing us. We rested for a bit, divvied up the Platinum that we found on the bodies, and Dorro took a Lesser Wand of Web. After this, we went to the Black Footpad Inn and ended our adventure.