VTT session
Session Title: An Autumn Excursion
Date: 01 DEC 2021
Level: 11+
Risk: 6

Player List:
1. Naal (14 Fighter/1 Wizard) From Mal
2. Eight (14 Monk/2 Wizard) from Konopa
3. Lysing (11 Sorcerer) from Geokhan
4. Bardy (13 Bard/1 Cleric) from TooTired78
5. Katla (8 Fighter) from Arden

Leader: Eight
Scout: Eight
Trailblazer: Bardy
Chronicler: Yours truly (Naal).

We set out to finish a long standing building project: completing the bridge that would allow us to get to the building site of Honor’s Gate. Our 40 experienced workers didn’t even flinched as we battled gargantuan aberrations… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The first major difficulty we encountered was a war party of bugbears, fairly balanced in their make up with a duo of shamans, another of archers and another of warriors, plus their boss what I could only describe as an executioner. They wanted to dine on our people’s flesh if they were too weak to serve as slaves to them.

The Bugbear Executioner

With no avenue to peacefully resolve this conflict we were left with no recourse but to slaughter these upstart goblinoids. Lysing unleashed a storm on top of them, while Katla, Eight and myself kept them at bay and Bardy supported us from the air with his bardic magics, atop his trusty winged steed, the Pegasus Sisyphus (I thought Pegasi only allowed virgin maidens to mount them, or was that unicorns? I digress.)

After the bloody business was dealt with, we continued our travels after seeing if there was anything of value in the now remains of our opponents. Some gold, and a potion had survived the clash. At sundown, while we were prepared to camp we came across some sort of collection of potions down the road. The radiated, according to Bardy, Transmutation and Adjuration magic. Having come across something similar to this before, he let his steed more or less trample all over the trapped caché of potions. The result was his steed visibly aged about a decade. Good thing embodied celestial spirits are immortal, isn’t it?

We reached the construction site relatively easily – Lysing can probably report better than I can what sort of things the found in the abandoned cottage we came across while travelling, didn’t seemed to be anything of value to me. At any rate we made liberal use of the outpost for the next five days in order to rest undisturbed while we guarded the workers.

The undead Earl Sidaris made an appearance one of those days, commented on wishing to meet with Chemist regarding something or another. Eight said that he would pass along that message. He also said something about an eccentric Tiefling scientist having been sighted in the area. We met him the following day, as he arrived accompanied by what I can only describe as four abominations of monstrous turkeys:

Gobble Gobble, motherf*cker!

The turkeys hungered for humanoid flesh, which begs the question of how he was controlling them, alas, we entered conflict once again. This time me and Eight allowed the predatory bird monstrosities to surround us before he moved away to neutralize the magic casters. Katla helped in our endeavors, while Lysing saw fit to pelt me and every goddamned bird around me with the fury of thunder and lightning, as he’s usually prone to do. Bardy saw fit to target their tiny little heads with psychic blasts of around the diameter of a fireball, mercifully missing me, unlike others. Finally, despite Eight’s best efforts to bring the madman down without murder, his last hit triggered some sort of explosive device hidden in his clothes. With that ugly business concluded, we continued to toil on the bridge, we were about halfway there by my recollection.

Around the afternoon of the third day, the earth trembled at our North West when we saw what had propped up from beneath it:

We became fairly acquainted with those tentacled coils.

I sighed, Hasted myself and went into the fray, quickly followed by Katla and later Eight. The others provided shocking support with their magics. It wasn’t until Katla was swallowed full that Eight had managed to stun the creature, and I also took to wade myself into the insides of the creature and slayed it in order to emerge from it’s depths with a slightly dissolving Katla (she got better).

Finally, in the last day of building, Eight managed to spot a Dragon tree from a suitable distance. We unceremoniously blasted it to hell from a safe spot given this advantage (it would’ve likely exterminated our workers if it had been allowed to creep further to unleash it’s breath-like attack.)

With that, we took our last rest at the outpost and headed back to Ruined Oak. Maybe we’ll be able to make Honor’s Gate before then next decade, eh?