Day 1:

We set off north towards the forest to search for the strange occurrence of mundane critters going hysterical and attacking travels. We discovered a large bush, which a person popped out of to wave a flag at us. Another person could be seen waving another flag in the distance. Upon conversing with the first man, a group of ten or so came over to us, and their leader, Therious, filled us in on some details, providing some rabbits that they had killed. The rabbits seemed completely normal. Therious suggested we look for a wise woman by the name of Gywndolen. We set off, and had a good conversation with some snakes, one of which Plink kidnapped and stuffed in his bag.

Night 1:

The night was uneventful, if a bit noisy due to some local fauna.

Day 2:

We continued north, and encountered a deer, who strangely, informed us that it was Fidar, a human, and had been transformed by a wizard, along with its friend, Isputa, who was trapped in a dry riverbed. We discovered this friend, a mammoth, and upon beginning to converse, were attacked by a pack of hyenas hungry for a meal. Zeren went down, but got healed up and we managed to make them “pass out from death,” with Zak scoring the final blow against one of the giant hyenas. Fidar and Isputa led us to Gwyndolen’s home, a pristine oak tree in a grove. She cured our furry friends, and informed us that cultists are attempting to corrupt the forest, and the eldest of the five Terion brothers, Zack and Zachary, have roused the forest against them. She gifted us a large acorn, which in theory, would allow us to reason with these two rogue brothers, and a lark, to guide us. We set off north, and came upon another large tree, at which we were surrounded by bears, one of which turned into a druid. He very violently spoke of cultists from the west, and his unwillingness to give up his arcane hold on the fauna of the forest until they had been eradicated. He agreed to relinquish his grasp on the forest until the next full moon–if we hadn’t resolved the issue by then, the animals would resume their assault upon the locals. We parted as cautious friends, and moved south in the direction of White Moon Cove. 

Night 2:

We had a wonderfully peaceful night.

Day 3:

The day was peaceful, and we pushed on into night so that we could make it back to White Moon Cove.