We set out to build some roads, earn some coin. We ended up babysitting for days on end. Let me tell you why.

Upon approaching the worker’s union in Ruined Oak, and knocking on the door, We were met with hostility. We had to convince the workers to let us pay them to work for us, upon the basis of a spike in worker deaths. This would be all well and good is the workers had not been well aware of the dangers associated with working on Katashaka. But they were well aware, and accepted the job regardless. Eventually, we convinced them to give us a crew… although the crew that they presented us with was, well, lacking.

Our cast of characters was Pappy, the foreman, as well as the worker trio of Ingus, Ringus, and Dingus. They, pictured above, are all drunks and old men. Remarkably, they were all exceedingly effective. Despite a bit of a misunderstanding on the way out of town that caused them to scatter and need to be retrieved, we made reasonable, if boring progress southwest of Ruined Oak towards the road that we had the intention of building.

We came across a weird black altar, which we gave a wide berth.

There were several occasions along the process in which mysterious clouds of dust appeared on the road, rushing towards us. The first two times that this occurred, we evacuated the road and got out of the way, but eventually Rig got fed up and and simply stood in the way. When the dust cloud hit him, it dissipated and covered everything in dust. Nothing more happened, and we went on our way.

Two more strange things occurred in the dead of night on our trip. The first, a mysterious invisible assailant from the ground below us that impaled me, nearly killing me in one strike. After a tense moment of preparation for battle, it became apparent that the would-be assassin had fled. Interesting.

The other strange occurrence was the presence of another black altar, similar to the first one. It had a small swarm of cranium rats surrounding it, but we, again, ignored it.

On the last stretch of road building, we came across a third black altar. Very strange indeed. Upon actual investigation, the altar lifted up, spraying Indr and Tal’va with colorful plumes of smoke that took days to wash off. Inside, we discovered an enchanted blowgun that lights enemies up and makes them easier to hit.

We met a strange man on a horse made of stars who called himself JOHNNY AWESOME, and he helped finish the road, as this was the QUEST we had given him.

On beginning to return to town, we came across a pod of spinosaurs, but wisely decided to go around them. Despite our cautions, JOHHNY AWESOME charged the beasts and was promptly devoured.

After that strange encounter, the rest of the trip back was a blur, and much to the shock and chagrin of the worker’s union, we returned to town, happy to be back.