DM: Geokhan

Players: Zak, Oogway, Zoren, Bill, Vahn, Snipper

Day 1

We set out west in search of some strangely militant and disoriented kobolds. Almost immediately, we discovered a person with a cart in front of a fire. Oogway purchased some frog, rat, and squirrel meat from him, despite my qualms about the strange man on the road. The man told us of a bandana-wearing, dirt-marked kobold who stole an opossum. Snipper informed us that the kobolds appeared to be a part of the special task force for the kobold high king Darliserius Macamoondi, called the 202nd Recon Force, whose leader was named Sarlbodius Jarklin. We figured that these must be the same kobolds, and decided to attempt to make an attempt to form a diplomatic partnership with them. When we approached the crossroads, we were met by four animated suits of armor, who gave us canned speeches about needing to “HALT! Move no further.” and that “No one may enter the keep without permission. We will defend the keep with our lives.” However, we saw no keep, and simply edged our way around them and moved on our way. We trekked south, and discovered a family and their wagon wreck. One of them was crying. We chatted with them, and were informed that the suits of armor had destroyed their cart. We helped the family pack, and I gave them five gold pieces to help them out, and moved on. We saw a giant vulture circling overhead, and felt a rumble in the ground, before seeing a pack of canine creatures with no fur running west, before burrowing into the ground.

Night 1

We settled down to sleep, and had a nice rest–that is, until a gigantic land shark nearly bit me in half. We killed it, and retrieved some copper, earrings, and cat figurine from its stomach. We continued our rest, and I read over the book that Khora had given me the night before, finding it to be Oliver Young the Scioptic’s Luminous Folio of Unequaled Summoning, a manual of summoning. In the back, the words “Tsaran Locitum Tsaran xaquin.” The crows in last mission’s graveyard told us to find the locitum, and Snipper had informed us that the cultists that he had met in the graveyard worshipped Tsaran.

Day 2

We moved south, and encountered an abandoned and ruined granary, and upon moving the bed, we found a box with a chalice underneath it, which we pocketed. We continued south, and encountered a pit trap, and upon safely setting it off, attracted the attention of two kobolds. When they learned we had a boat, they agreed to take us to their leader, leading us to a small, but well-built, fort. We spoke with the leader, who informed us that we were in Camp Area 3. They informed us that they were from far east of the Dalelands east of the Sword Coast, but they were spirited away in the middle of the night to a forsaken island. We agreed that we would go back to White Moon Cove, and inform the people there that the group of kobolds was coming, seeking friendly passage back to Candlekeep.

Night 2

We spent the night in Camp Area 3, finding it peaceful and uneventful.

Day 3

We moved back north, towards White Moon Cove, and encountered a cave with a fetid stench wafting from it. Upon investigating, we found rotted beast corpses, strangled and half-eaten. It looked as if a large creature had entered the cave, and we sent in Snapper, Snipper’s owl, to investigate. Snipper lost connection to Snapper, and we resolved to enter the cave after it. We began to fight some Carrion Crawlers, and when Vahn cast Faerie Fire, it was like a rave, with tentacles undulating. After being paralyzed for a bit, I made quick work of the last one remaining. We looted the chamber, finding a good amount of gold, and continued our trek north.

Night 3

We settled down, and had a peaceful night, save for a body being found by the second watch and burned.

Day 4

We moved north, and were greeted by a group of men, of the Order of the Green Grass. They were looking for a half-elven man, which I’m fairly sure our foolish second watch BURNED. We told them we hadn’t seen anyone, and made it back to White Moon Cove.