Characters: Isaac, Haru, Lyric, Aldwin

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The four of us entered the desert, prepared to take on the flies at their hive. Isaac and Haru explained that no peace treaty had ever been upheld by these creatures, that they would strike the moment they thought they had even a slight advantage.

We teleported through the desert to a distance a mile or so from the hive, the head of a ruined statue which laid buried in the sand. Isaac sent Elly forward as an earth elemental to draw out the first wave of guards. It succeeded, and a wave of the bugs emerged from the head to attack her.

Isaac channeled the ninth tier of magic, bringing down a Meteor Swarm upon the hive’s entrance. The flies were caught by the brunt of the spell, fire and rock raining down and destroying most of the forces. However, a massive shield of blue energy sprung into existence around the hive itself, absorbing the fiery energy and turning the shield a strange orange. The orange energy then coalesced into a beam which fired directly toward us.

Before we could react, a structure appeared before us. It was over 300 feet tall, and eerily similar to the pillar that had opened a rift near the Crystal Tower. A construct of the Council, put in place to limit teleportation and communication on the island, if the Crystal Maiden is to be believed.

The obelisk was hit by the beam and absorbed it entirely. It feels like it all happened in an instant. A red light shone forth, sweeping across the landscape as though searching for something. It landed on our group, and the entire structure began to fly toward us.

Isaac shouted a retreat, and we all began to flee. I was an eagle, Haru on my back, Aldwin on his pegasus, and Isaac on his carpet. We flew, and the monument followed.

In moments it had caught up to Isaac and the red light washed over him, scanning him. Something seemed to emerge from the light, but we could not see what. There was a breath where we thought perhaps it was only studying him.

And then, just like that, he and the obelisk were gone. Disappeared, popped out of existence as though we had blinked and missed him. Not a trace left behind, not even a piece of red cloth.


It has been a week since the wizard known as Isaac vanished. His whereabouts are still unknown. We can only wait. Wait, and hope, and pray that the Council gives him leniency, that he teleports into the middle of the tavern as if nothing happened.

Until then, all of White Moon Cove will feel his absence.