Characters: Haru, Lyric, Aldwin

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After recovering from the shock of Isaac’s disappearance, we fled from the hive and headed for Shashotep. Thankfully, through the use of Wildshape and Aldwin’s pegasus, we were able to traverse the desert without hindrance by the sands.

On our third day of travel, we rested in a set of ruined buildings for the night. There, we came across a strange creature. A girl with three purple eyes and white skin. Her hands ended in scythe-like blades and she seemed somewhat bug-like.

Though she was friendly, we found it nearly impossible to communicate with her. She spoke directly into our minds in a jumbled speech, and magic that should allow us to understand other languages seemed ineffective. Her only communication was broken Primordial, but the act of speaking seemed painful to her.

We tried to create a psychic connection with her through Rary’s Telepathic Bond, but her mind was strange and alien. It seemed as though she was thinking with multiple streams of thought at the same time, and if we had maintained the bond it would have overwhelmed us.

Through trial and error, we figured out that she was a mutant, alone, and looking for her brother. Haru seemed to have an idea of where he was, and so we told her to stay behind while we went to find him.

That was when Haru told us that he and Isaac had killed her brother only a couple of days before our journey into the desert. They had found him strung up and mistakenly thought him to be hostile. We decided to retrieve the body anyway, in hopes of being able to bring him back to life.

We traveled back toward the hive, skirting around it and moving past. Along the way, we were accosted by flies from the hive who fired poisonous barbs that could eat through the entirety of my Wildshapes in one hit.

When we found the body, it was surrounded by the rotting bodies of flies and strung to a pole by its own flesh. The sight was gruesome, but we retrieved it nonetheless and began the long trek back to our new friend.

We stopped at the Oasis in hopes of finding someone who could bring the body back to life, or even oils so that I could use Reincarnate. Unfortunately, we had no luck there and no other way of restoring him to life. We were forced to take the corpse of the girl’s brother to her.

She didn’t seem to understand that he was dead at first. It took some time to explain, and when she finally understood… Even through the language barrier, we could tell that she was devastated. She performed a ritual to absorb her brother’s power and knowledge, learning of Haru and Isaac’s hand in his death.

After finishing her ritual, we tried to speak with her again. Through another painful conversation, we learned that her name was Saa Azeikan. Because she was a mutant, the only family she had was her brother. She told us she was alone now.

I could not just leave her there, in the desert, alone. We offered to bring her back to Ruined Oak with us, and give her a place to stay in the Adventure Family guildhall. Despite seeming unsure, she agreed to come with us.

We made our way to Shashotep, where Haru met with Letia and got us a ride back to the portal. From there, we returned to White Moon Cove, and began the painful process of informing our fellow adventurers that Isaac was gone.

Saa does not like people, and prefers to hide in my room. If you wish to try to speak with her, please come to the AF guildhall in Ruined Oak and ask for me.