Day 1

I set out to lead my first mission since Isaac had unlocked a bit of my memory, eager to put my new skills to the test. Meeting my crew, we introduced ourselves and set out from the Blood Eye Clan’s settlement. Our trek was fairly uneventful, seeing nothing but a pile of strange, forgotten rocks, until we saw campfire smoke. Upon approaching, we saw a strange, misshapen creature with two humans accompanying it. We approached this unnatural creature quietly. One of the humans reached into a small cave, pulled out some supplies, and began to perform a blood ritual over the fire involving a small mammal. Upon the completion of the ritual, the creature appeared to be strengthened. We approached the tentacle cultists, and upon talking to them, they spoke very grimly and morbidly about the terrors that they had seen across “The Gulf,” and the terrors that they would show us. We engaged, and their parapet dissolved into an even more hideous creature, and combat ensued. When we killed the creatures, their bodies burned to ash instead of falling to the ground. On the bodies of the cultists, however, we found a note:

In ancient times, there was a war between the North and the South, why they fought as time flew on no one could recount. Now they are both here in the graves, if only civil they could remain. If only they saw things from the other's point of view a door of peace could have been imbued.

We settled down for the night a ways northwest, with Vahn insulting fish to death to eat.

Night 1

We had a positively lovely night, peaceful except for a loud boom miles to the east, in the direction of the Neathy Wood.

Day 2

We trekked west, following the tracks of some other cultists. As we went on, their numbers grew, and we discovered a large, tentacle-motif’d ritual circle. We went on, and discovered a blighted graveyard that the tracks appeared to be leading towards. When we approached a cultist, who tried to convince me to be a willing sacrifice, offering to play with me. He wanted to sacrifice me to the Old One, who would squash me like a grape if I did not comply. He offered to let me read a pamphlet, but upon showing him my Mage Hand, he screamed and ran away. That’s when droves of zombies, cultists, and skeletal beasts began to attack us. Although the fight was a tense one, we pulled it off, looting much gold from the corpses, as well as a note identical to the first. Satisfied with our looting, we moved east and slept.

Night 2

We had a very peaceful, uneventful night.

Day 3

When we arrived back at the graveyard, we found a complete and total lack of bodies, when there should have been many. We investigated the mausoleums, and when we reached the biggest one, magical crow statues crowed at us about “Not having passed the test. Find the locitum.” However, Varon mentioned that the notes we found pointed towards switching the crows, and lo and behold, the door opened to reveal a skeleton sitting on a throne on a dais, holding a green orb. When Vahn Mage Handed the orb out of its grasp, the skeleton crumbled. Upon inspection, the orb had a strong aura of Enchantment magic.

The Strange Green Orb

Upon removing the orb, the crows said “Ponder old King on the Orb, its power is great but is restraint, much like a ruler that wishes to be a saint. Behind sealed doors and crumbled ore lies its fate. If one is so bold to lay their CLAIM! their path would be made straight and they would fear no gate.” The orb appeared to have grooves in it as if it would fit into a lock. Zak kept it, and they made it back to the Blood Eye Clan.