Day 1: On the trail, we met four guards carrying two bandits who “gave themselves up to the law.” They spoke of the rest of the bandits losing their faces (?) and we decided to investigate. Someone (Zilgram, I believe?) cast Suggestion to get the location of the camp. On the way over, we met a woman whose family and house had been burnt to ash, although she wasn’t there to witness it. 

Night 1: When we rested, the party fought off a swarm of Cranium Rats while Zak slept through the encounter. 

Day 2: Ended up finding the camp, empty except for two bodies missing faces, as well as a chest. One of the bodies was wearing a scarf, which Ogis took and wore. When Speak with Dead was cast, we found out that the boss of the bandits headed towards the coast. We also found out that the bodies were killed by a shadowy man, who started appearing when the bandit boss brought the chest to camp. 

Night 2: When attempting to rest, Ogis found out that the scarf was cursed, falling asleep during his watch and dreaming of being a thief on the run from a noble lady. A shadowy figure approached him and gave him a scarf, which turned him invisible and caused him to carve a line into the lady’s face. Unfortunately, when he awoke, he realized that there was a shadow hanging over him, carving into his face. Combat began, and Ogis and Zak went down, but were healed and lived to fight another day. Zilgram scored the final blow with a well-placed Inflict Wounds, and we finished our rest.

Day 3: Ogis took the scarf off with no problem, but kept it. We started the trek back to town, and stumbled across a heavy iron tome written in a language that we could not understand. 

Night 3: We rested uneventfully.

Day 4: We finished our trek back to town, running into a patrol of guards headed towards the marshes, but barely interacting with them. Upon reaching the town, we split up the loot, and ended the session. 

Thoughts: Overall, although there were a few hiccups, my first session on Sleeper Island and with FantasyGrounds went fantastically! Thanks to all parties involved.