Day 1

We started off from a charming little inn called the Swollen Tooth, meeting our band of workers, and unfortunately, indentured servants. We set off north from there, coming to the end of the current road, and stopping there for the day.

Night 1

The night went by incredibly uneventfully.

Day 2

The first day started off well, discovering a hole in the middle of the road, which caused a very strange hair-raising sensation when one approached. Weird smoke snakes started appearing, as well as a skeleton bearing a banner. That was only the harbinger, however, as many, many more skeletons swarmed from the ground, including two very large ones. Regardless, with the mighty power of Karash, we prevailed. We realized that one of the horses had fled with a cart during the battle, and Glorion tracked it down, reporting that it was further along the road, but the horse was dead and the cart was broken.

Night 2

We slept fairly peacefully, save for a huge quadruped lumbering around in the southern distance. It didn’t bother us, so we ignored it.

Day 3

The day started off uneventfully, without much issue. We came across the cart, and Tal’va patched it up as well as she could, before moving on. Soon, however, we heard a buzzing to the west of us, and all Hells broke loose.

That day was when I discovered the joy of the monstrosities called “Slivers.” These are not fun. It appears as if the larger ones grant certain boons to all of the other slivers on the battlefield. For example: one had wings, so all of them had wings. But when the winged sliver died, all of the wings shriveled. Exercise extreme caution when dealing with these creatures. I will attempt to do more research on them.

Regardless, we eventually prevailed with our combined forces. Sadly, however, between the skeletons and the slivers, we had lost a lot of workers, and we decided to finish that road unit and head home. First, however, sleep.

Night 3

The night passed by uneventfully, to our delight.

Day 4

That morning, we finished the last of the road and headed home. We did not encounter any resistances, but we did spot the ruins of a cabin in the last stretch of road before the Swollen Tooth Inn. Perhaps someday someone will explore it.