GM: Geo
Adventurers: Olivia*, Gor, Faenoa, Iquis, Hope, and Scriitch

We lovely lot sought adventcha and we found dit. Writhely filled with mystery, thrills, and even a bit of sorrow. Just sit back lads as I go to explain. Our leader, Hope, took us down the road from Port Mirandia, our scout and trailblazers of the group I can’t recall as I was having a lovely chat with Faenoa. Oh wait, now I think I rememba it was that tall one Gor, he was the scout, and yeah he spotted the first item of intrege. A pouch of the side of the road a ways. As we approached he tried to stop us by putting his arms out but was not well as we just walk right on unda. Any how, being a little wary i kicked the dirt around it checkin for a good ole booby trap. I looked on the inside and what do I spy, a pearl, well lads I needed one of those. One of the fellers walked on over and plucked some parchment out of the pouch. and began reading it outloud while I looked through and found me self some more spell components. Like say paint of a certain qualities just right for a certain spell, illusionary script. So the note was as follows but is most likely a red herring.
Here are the conspirators that I have ascertained to date. Padigan Trums. Behaves like a kindly shop owner, but I have discerned his dark secret. Where does he disappear to every night? Thorp Thrun. Has the outward manner and dress of an ignorant barbarian but I have seen that glint in his eyes as he dupes those around him. How many have died at his hand? Mendicus Patrellus. Supposedly a herbalist, but his herbs are definitely unusual. What strange properties do they possess? I am sure that there are more, but I am afraid that they are on to me. More care must be taken. Perhaps I can employ third parties to act on my behalf.
I cast detect magic and comprehend languages to see if I could discern matters, sure enough there was illusionary aura upon the page. So with a simple correlation one can tell it was being effected by illusory script. The comprehend languages I casted was just wasted energy.

In our third hour of travel we happened upon a cave. Interested in exploration we decided to take a gander inside. Nothing could prepare us for the shock and excitement. We journeyed into a what seemed to be a man made entrance that descended into a cave like structure. One of my mates looked up and happened upon a bunch of cave snails feasting upon the mineral formation the flowed from above. Well it was a little unnerving but nothing came of them critters. So ushering into the southern side of the cave we came upon some minerals. They rushed in, touched the glowing rock which then stopped glowing. I having been designated as the local reagent in all things unexplained I pulled out my spell book and began to divine it’s intent with magics. It produced an abjuration magic and well at that time our newest local kenku decided to touch the blue quartz formation. The unknowingly inherited the energies of the formation. I asked Iquis to stand still while I performed a full body scan to ascertain what was going on, upon the body of was placed a ward to protect what ever he now harbored inside of him. We continued forward, some left some straight, or north if you want to get all technical.
Well it didn’t matter much as we heard a ghastly how and everyone rushed to find out what was going on. We come upon this here bein not yet dead but sure wasn’t alive and we pummeled it cause that is what adventurer’s do am I right? Sending a soul to the great beyond for Kelemvor.
Anyhow once we mopped that up turns out surprise surprise two beings pop out our deary friend Iquis. Come to find out he put them in danja and there was 4 but aye, you win you lose you.

So we took a rest and Hope left us, I sure wish that was not a double entendre but it is. Cause we began lurkin deeper finding objects of antiquity and old illusionary traps to boot. We found some decorations through out the area, some of the decorum was above craftsmanship of the area.

Altist leads the tribe to safety away from the oppression of the Yaun-ti and Lizard Folk. We will find a new life in the South

We eventually circled back and crossed the bridge with the 50 foot of rope I had. I left it there just in case other adventurers need to cross but the water below wasn’t deep. Came up to about the lads trousers that I saw. So then we get to the other side. It was not long before little critter’s started coming out the rock work and trying to suckle our teets. Well none of us were avin that. Faenoa was a merit to my kind the way she wielded he blades but even at one point the squirmers we too much for her. Iquis was not having a good time. I had to feed them a goodberry, thank you Tressor. Then a potion, Thank you again. After that I stood guard around them so that they could possibly retreat or become a productive service to us. Gor, was great. Gor smashed bugs to the floor many of times after counting to four. For we was sure that there would be more. Scriitch cannot go unmentioned as their excellent marksmanship was noted.
We persevered, we found what seemed to be a hatchery and later a location of interrogation, possibly experimentation. This stuff is a bit alien and perhaps will need a more experienced team to look into it. Beyond the rubble is likely more trouble.

I delved deeper in seclusion with the one Chemist. Course I made sure I was not to be missed, and look here the little poppy like me come spreadin rumors, well nah. I ad me proof I did, and betcha what he sternly took me right on dead serious. Got to his private chambers and ad me a right good seat too. Real comfy like. well anyhow, we got on wid the business and he sees through the proclevaties that were obscuring the real written and that was as follows.

TGH. Dark day are upon us, The gold is hidden in the log by the river. Meet me there and we can split it up. Use the components inside this pouch to respond. The Talos pay well, but we need to be out of town before they come. Watch out for that Kenku as well, he can be real trouble. JRRT.

I ain’t but a new comer in these parts. Do these initials mean anything to you? Could this be a Talos Handle in short hand? What made those eggs, who left the pouch and who is the friend? What gold is there at the log? Is it a trap? what lit deeper in the cave? These daring questions possibly answered and more next time in me logs.
P.S. Keep an eye out for strange purple eyed types, draining blood. Last I saw they started congregating closer to another afflicted a strange arm. Things are strange here, and not just magic strange.