Day 1

We ventured out to the northeast in search of a temple that multiple of my party members had already begun to explore. The day was fairly uneventful.

Night 1

The night started off fine, but Plink woke me up halfway through their watch, and together we investigated a gnomish body that had been eviscerated during the last watch. We felt it was no threat, however, and I went back to sleep. That is, until Khora woke us up as we were being attacked by very large, very ugly looking sea creatures, who were gurgling about the Tidestone that they needed. We dispatched them, Khora’s robotic puppy ripping out the last one’s throat, and as we started to relax, a large, fanged sea serpent emerged from the water–we dispatched this with no issue as well, Nalkris’ giant black sword smiting it from above.

Day 2

This bright and sunny day started off by us encountering the decrepit old temple. We entered, and took large, aquamarine fruit from an orange-leafed tree, which upon eating, allowed us to breathe underwater. We decided to dub these strange, mango-sized fruit “Vilios Mangoes”. I’m not sure why. We entered a tunnel inside of a coffin, and began to swim down. It was exceedingly dark, and I think there were some bodies. We explored the complex below, discovering a room with a glowing blue orb, a statue of Umberlee swimming down, several frozen fish people corpses, and many chests and vases. When we backed out of the room, and Nal’s raven touched the orb, it froze to death and the doors slammed closed, those doors being carved with the image of two women swimming down and a glowing orb in the middle. We swam south, and encountered a very large water-lizard creature, who had taken a “Tidestone” from the center of a sort of inner sanctum, and insisted that we either got out of its way so it could deliver the Tidestone to its queen or die. We chose to fight it. The fight was harrowing, and many of us were forced into unconsciousness. Our comrade Galatea was lost, much to the regret of everyone, most of all Zak, who had never experienced a comrade death. We carried home a fragment of the Tidestone, as well as the monster’s trident, both of which Khora kept on her person. Upon attempting to Identify the Tidestone, Khora received a vision of a beautiful woman, who rushed at her and turned ghastly, dealing a bit of damage. Khora learned nothing of the Tidestone.