DM: Tsi88

Players: Griters, Lyle, Vir, Shrieker, Zugall

-Took a mission to help a few fermers out in a tavern.
-We went to a village to help out
-Under a well was an underground river that openeded itself out to a bigget cave system.
-Zuggar secured a rope for going down the well
-He was later grabed by a vine which Shrieker cut him out of
-A lever was found on the side of the wall deeper in the corridor
-Detect magic was cast by Gritters to get more information on the lever
-It was magical
-A door animated and was given the name Addam by Lyle
-Lyle tried to comvince Addam to tell him what is behind him
-The door(presumed mimic) was given a rattion by Zugall, after which he opened up to reveal the chamber behind him
-A second short coridor led to another chamber
-Burning the vines leads them to growing denser
-In the same chamber were bars behind which was a decorated dusty room
-We went back and up along the upper corridor leading us into a room full of mushrooms
-Allot of mushroom folk apeared and we entered combat and smashed a few Toadstools
-A small pathway at the rear end of the room ended with a chest at it’s corner; it was a mimic;
-Shrieker was stuck to the mimic and the fight continued in the smaller chamber.
-We went back to the sparated room
-Gritter’s familiar went in between the bars looking over the room. It had a lever in it like the
one found earlier and the one in the space before the room.
-The Owl, Vir and Lyle pulled a lever each and with all 3 leverss pulled down the vines guarding
the entrance parted allowing acces to the chambers

-The room had a golem looking figure that even talked, it told us that it had not been used for 3500 days
-Zugall tried to pull out it’s core and made it awaken fully and we ingaged combat.
-After the fight we got stuck in the room
-Vir bent the bars allowing for Gritters to get out and with hiw Owl to push 2 out of the 3 levers down so we could get out.
-We let the door free and explored the 3-rd corridor going down
-Thre were a pile of X shaped cow’s bones and a webbed tunnel
-We didn’t dig under them as we didn’t have a shovel
-We chose to burn the webs up and the spiders inside chose to run, they were exterminated