Day 1: We set off from the Axe and Thistle moving north into the forest, searching for a certain tomb mentioned by the bandits we came across in “Of Shadows and Scarves”. The road was uneventful, except for signs of a minor scuffle.

Night 1: The first three watches were uneventful, however, during the last watch, we were attacked by several large lions. Peri managed to wake everyone up with a signal whistle, and combat ensued. Nobody went unconscious, thankfully, and we managed to wipe out all six lions, with Vicqarim scoring the final blow with a classic Eldritch Blast. 

Day 2: We continued searching for the tomb, and were ambushed by goblins in the forest. They were armed with arrows and poisoned blowguns, but we still managed to kill them without any major difficulty.

Night 2: We camped in a place quite similar to the place we camped in for Night 1. However, the night was uneventful in terms of combat. We did come across a seemingly enchanted well, that granted Panzer the effects of a Freedom of Movement spell for 24 hours. 

Day 3: When others drank from the well, the landscape in a large radius around them turned to a different landscape type. The first was plains, then the second was forest. It was revealed to be an illusion however. When we left the hex we found that it was fairly localized, reaching the edge of the illusion.

Night 3: Gargoyles and some very large Ghouls attacked us in our sleep. We still managed to fend them off though, with Peri Tolling the last ghoul to Deadness.

Day 4: Was exceedingly uneventful.

Night 4: Was also exceedingly uneventful 🙂

Day 5: On the trail, we came across an odd looking, wrinkly dog shaped thing with tentacles, which turned out to be a dog mole! Panzer utterly failed to domesticate it, and later, when we found a small wicker children’s doll, Panzer used a caltrop to tear its chest open. That evening, we saw three people on horseback riding west, about a mile and a half south.

Night 5: We saw a herd of elk, which uncovered hole in the ground. A pebble on which Light had been cast fell 20’ into water. Light was cast on Hooter, to find that this appeared to be some sort of underwater tunnel that had been collapsed on both sides. Hooter drank the water, and proceeded to fucking SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST. Yknow, nothing special.

Day 6: We made it back home with no issue.