DM: Adalyn

Group Members:
Leon Die’re and his owl (Lloyd)
Vestrivan, a tabaxi (Ramz-E)
Lera, a dragon-born (Servana Smol Wyvern Hat)
Nalkris the Eladrin and his trusty jet-black raven Avarice

Sergeant Gilleye wanted us to venture to the Kobolds in the Tempest Plains, north of our allies of the Blood Eye Clan, and either form a friendship/alliance with the kobolds or deal with the possible threat they represented.

The information provided was that they live in a warren up there, but the entrance to their warrens main entrance is currently unknown. These kobolds ar ebluescaled and might serve a Blue Dragon, but this was initially just speculations.

1 Step north west from the Blood Eye Clan’s camp, we stumbled upon a tree beautiful beyond measuure. We decided not to pay further attention to it, and soon, as we travelled onwards, came upon a bush fire, and we spent time battling the fire to save the wilderness, and was successful in that side-mission.

We camped near a small woods 2 ticks due west from the Beautiful tree mentioned above.

During the evening, we noticed Sabertooth squirrels living in the woods and seemingly fleeing from something inside the woods to the edge near our camp and upon further investigation, we found a blue dragon wyrmling, whom had been hunting the sabertooth squirrels.

We did a bit of communication with the wyrmling, or Lera did, and did not share a lot, one of the only pieces of dialog that was shared in common was the little wyrmling apparently said “Broken line shattered, never alone”, and I have no idea what that was supposed to mean.

We learned it had a sibling, however, that was trapped and being tortured by kobolds, likely the same bluescaled kobolds we was already hunting. We offered to help the little blue dragon wyrmling, but it wondered how it could trust us when we are black and human. Something seemed wrong, it wanted us to help it, it seemed so distressed, this beautiful and majestic creature.

It joined our camp and during the night Golden cats emerged and came to us, with golden fur and emerald eyes, so cute and curious, one jumped on my shoulder, I petted it, it seemed to like it, but then, as cats do, suddenly swatted my hand when I was giving the third stroke over it’s head.

Gave all my meat of my last ration to it, it like that and stayed on my shoulder for a long time. This seemed to upset Avarice, who did not enjoy sharing my attention with a golden furred feline.

Next morning, the cats left and we travelled first Northwest then Northeast and found a cave we went inside of.

We encountered a lot of pit traps inside and found 2 kobolds deep inside a side tunnel seperating our party in two due to one of the previously mentioned pit traps, as we was battling them, and they used a swarm of centipedes and chemical weapons on us. We managed after a long strugle to kill them and then we retreated, as we had already had some members of the groups suffer heavy injuries and we had no healer to deal with the wounds we took.

On the way home, we encountered a garguantian snal with a tavern carved into its snailhouse. We climbed up over the slimy bottom of it and came inside the tavern of the snailhouse, called The Quiet Cockatrice.

The owner of the establishment seemed to be a dwarf named Gundrik who was recognizable with his magnificent tripple braided blonde beard, while the rest of his hair was nicely trimmed, even if not freshly trimmed. He had a halfling co-owner it seemed, who did not introduce himself and it seemed rude to pry for his name.

Inside the Quiet Cockactrice we was able to travel back to the Blood Eye clan outpost in style, being served by the primarily halfling staff, as they was heading to the Neathy Woods.

The owners did not seem to control the snail, but it liked going to the Neathy Woods to eat, and they just moved wherever the snail wanted to go eat, what a way to live.