Group members:

Tom Striker, a fresh arrival, a tracker who could use some work, human male ranger (OConnor)
Silver of Argos, a scholar in along dusty robe with a friendly young face and red hair, a quarterstaff tied to his backpack, a pretty big book; Fitting as he always seemed to be reading something! He was was always followed by a small ginger cat (SilverTorra)
Abal Heartforge, a tall dwarf, as well as pretty young for a dwarf, with a shield and flail on his back, wearing good armor (Lloyd)
Sunny, a pale skinned woman with dark eyes, dressed in all black and munching on pastries. Seemed to yield sorcerer powers (Baloopy)
And myself, Nalkris, a stunning Eladrin if I say so myself, with Averace, an even more stunning jet black raven, on my shoulder. (Iceforge)

We first encountered a Friar, whom was saved by a previous group of adventureres, and who helpfully mentioned some druidic folk to the east in the forest and how somewhere to the north there was a stronghold or camp that was home to some very evil man that the druidic folk was looking for. Sounded like Zach and Zachery looking for Tsaran, so we investigated.

Two ticks north/north-east of the Blood Eyed Clan we found a burned crevice in the landscape, around 20 feet wide, 100 feet long, 60 feet deep, with burned ashen look and carved steps leading down.

Found cave at bottom of the crevice, with a building structure inside of it, massive, and contained amongst other things a room with a creature pen (empty now), long since it was used by its creators.

Found magical travel circle magic with a corpse next to it with a stab wound in the back, nothing else to find, used the magic and came to a circular room lighted by magical energy.

Going deeper, we meet around 10 skeletons and fought them, briefly having Abal going down.

Even further in, we found a large hall, probarly used to be a mess hall, with cracked floor, and 7 green gelatinic slime undead creatures and a boil covered headless creature emerged from the ground and we nearly did not survive the battle with these wicked oblex creatures and their leader, who was fortunately disabled most of the combat by a smart levitation magic from Sunny.

On the way back, we saved Hienki, a bugbear member of the Blood Eye Clan who was pinned under a tree. We promised not to tell the rest of the Blood Eye Clan, so please do not bring this up in conversations with them.

East of Blood Eye Clan, found a wicker basket full of pink belladonna mushrooms, edible, left behind, next to a 4ft diameter tree stump, which sounded hollow and on further investigation, it was hatched/latched so it could be opened, nobody answered our knocks and calls, so we decided to open it and look inside.

Avarace flied down and noticed it was a small hobble, with a kitchen and a small bed in the corner and a kitchen table, a set of deer anthlers adorning one of the dirt walls thats reinforced by the roots of the tree that was felled.

We put the wicker basket and mushrooms down and wrote a note on a piece of parchment for the owner of the hobble:

“Hi! We came by and saw these mushrooms on your home. We wanted to make sure they didn’t get eaten or stolen by anything so we put them inside. From Nalkris, Silver, and Sunny of White Moon Cove”

After leaving the note, we ventured back to the Blood Eye Clan outpost