I’ve told you about my story and how I get to this point. But many things have happened since then. After we had defeated those gnolls and the traitor Grak fled, a new thread submerged from deep below.

The Deep Ones

While I had trouble with the drow and that amulet, resulting in my special circumstances. Fish-like creatures emerged, called the Deep Ones. But we ignored the upcoming thread and attended to other things.
Like the little Intermezzo we haf with that devil called Salazan, who charmed me into freeing him from his cage and later held ransom of our town because of some deal Ragna agreed to. But we tricked him into coming to us and defeated him for good.
Or like helping Zol fighting against some demon lord, or at least find the tools she needs to prepare fighting him. We have not heard back from her since when. I wonder what has happened and if we will see her again.
Or going against some vampire, called the Doctor. We also learned about the creators of this Island, that seems to be some kind of prison.
As you can see we did many things, but left the Deep Ones unconsidered. And we payed for that.
Not soon after our newly founded town Ruined Oak was invaded and overrun by them and their followers, leading them was Grak, the traitor, riding on a sea dragon. Leaving us only the option to flee. We gathered on the road, a huge  convoy of people. I did my best providing food and water, as well as Thran and Hjalrig did. We gathered our strength and while one group reclaimed Ruined Oak and forced the deep ones out. another group of us took the battle to the enemy and ending the threat coming from the Deep Ones.

A time of peace
Well not really peace, but we had some breathing room. We ventured into the underdark, meeting some drow, who were friendly in in need of help. That reminds me, I have not heard from or about Eknik for some time. It seems the danger of the drow from the briarwall froest has been vanished together with the Deep Ones.
Isaac is as always doing a lot of portal study and we also discovered a new portal destination and defeated the guardians on the other side. But poor Thran lost his live there.
I also learned of some kind of goblin society coming nto existence here. But they call them self kinskins rather than goblins. Jibb and Jabb seem to be there sort of leaders, since Rasz had gone away.

the Rot

A while after a strange somehow supernatural disease started to spread, first to the rats, but soon to us. As we were figuring out there the Rot was coming from. We learned of Malady, how seemed to be behind all of that. The Rot got worse and worse and we did out best to condemn it and find Maladys hideout. At least we learned from before and focused on fighting the Rot and destroying the Markers of it.
In the end we were victorious and defeated Malady, and through this weakening the rot. It was still there, but now we could cure it, instead of just suppressing it a little.

Of to new Adventures
With the Rot mostly gone, we have again the chance to learn more of this Island and explore it. I have heard about some sort of city in the clouds and are going there my self to see it.
There is also the Poet’s Palace that is worth another visit.
Lets see what the next year will bring.