Operation Torch

Operative Date: 20SEP20/1500
Public Release


1. Operation Torch was set between intelligence operative Yarsby and Chemist. Collaboration with recently liberated Yuan-ti led to the creation of espionage operative Mortez. Groundwork laid for plans of infiltration and implanting native with positive relation with AFK. Security detail organised personally by Chemist.

  • Operative List:
    Codename: Mercenary– Strength and speed are top notch. Head of security operations and VIP bodyguard.
    Codename: Overwatch– Sensory ability and flight capabilities, inhumanely perceptive. Key member for inner city infiltration and observation.
    Codename: Mirage– Functional and mobile home base. Experienced arcane and knowledge of deception. 

    Codename: Corvus– Squadron Leader. Arcane user and experienced tactician. Capable at nearly perfect imitations. 

 2. Details of Operation Torch, simple infiltration with security detail and VIP while remaining undetected. Once inserted, base of operations is established and surveillance is conducted for nightly rotations of guards.

Key notes:
Condition of Yuan-ti; “Rats“, pure squalor at present. Rampant drug use and overcrowding. Conditions of unrest quelled by unknown drugs and food.
Coya labelled Yuan-ti show signs of opulence. Large housing, security details, rosters of both servants and beasts.
While infiltrating target Coya household various rooms of importance found: Small treasury rooms, guarded rooms of odd objects and a Ritual room.
Linage papers of Yuan-ti are kept for those of low birth. They are meant only for those of “Pureblood”. Copy of linage papers and ‘seal’ of Mhairshaulk. Important item of note for official documentation.

Contingent Information Exchange:
Field Informant Montez is currently under the influence of Geas. Infomation pertaining to AFK  and its inhabitants will be refrained from mention to other Yuan-ti.
Agent is currently undergoing seating into Coya household with falsified documentation. Any previous mention of the agent’s original life should be struck from records.
Correspondants with field agent is held infrequently with agent Yarsby  , pending information relevant to AFK’s soverignty. 

Displayed are in-depth representations of the infiltration route into Tor Merr.
Provided by Major Image

Key Buildings of Importance:
Southeast Building: Location of Bazaar or common marketplace.
Central Tower: Magically warded. Three stories tall. No guards appear to patrol them.
Southwestern Building: Church/Cathedral like appearance. Little activity during the night surveillance.
Northwestern Building: Seat of The Sal. Key place of importance. Older aqueducts likely lead to spots under the Seat.

Night Observations:
Night Patrols are relatively tight. Thirty minute rotations with as many as three patrols on the same street.
Upper sections unrecorded due to need for low profile.
Streets relatively clear once sun has set.