DM: Grumpy
PCs: Blink, Ragnar,Tam, Colbolt Silvermace, Captain Shaun Willow, Wulfgar, Jax

The Quest:

“To the Denizens of White moon Cove
and the Axe and Thistle Tavern,

I do so hope this letter reaches you
with enough of you in good health.
As per our agreement,
I have decided to call in the first
of my many favors, that I hope will usher
in the beginning of our wonderful new friendship.
Now, Down to Business.
One of my servants has recently found
the resting place of quite a trove.
And as I am currently indisposed with other operations,
I feel this is the perfect time for you
to prove to me how useful you really are.
I’d hate to think you might reneg on our deal.
There is a creature that resides within a garden
just to the south east of the briarthorn forest
on the outskits of the border wall.
What the creature is matters not.
What matters is that within this garden
there lies a tree laden with Golden fruit.
You are to go to this Garden, retrieve the fruit,
and then have one of your spellcasters
consume this scroll to contact my servants.
I do so hope that we can have an amiable relationship
as I’d hate to think what might happen
if I was forced to call in on
what I’m owed in the event of a breach of contract.
Yours sincerely and lovingly,

What we did
So what did we do about that devil Salazan and his Quest for a golden fruit you ask? We decided to see there that garden is and who resides in it, to warn them that a devil is after some golden fruit.
We traveled for a few days, getting attacked by lizard hounds during a rest, but we defeated them easily. After a while we saw that some creatures in the air had begun following us and descended in our direction. They looked scaly and quite big, so we prepared for a fight. They there some flying dinosaur and they flew by and attacked us several times. One of them slayed Blink and tried to pick him up and carry him away. I was barely in reach but was able could cast a healing Word on my friend, and nearly doing some good damage on that beast. Blink was then able to free him from it and miraculous got him self to the ground with out any problem. We quickly killed 3 of the beasts and the last one had enough and flew.

After arriving at the Location there the garden should be, there was nothing to find. we decided to rest here, so maybe we could se something during the night. During the night we saw a huge garden appear in the moonlight and approached carefully. The residents appeared to be some elf-like creatures and we talked to them describing our situation and intend. After some misunderstandings at first we there able to convince them that we are in no way devil-worshippers and are only trying to warn them and maybe bring that devil back to the Nine Hells. They invited us into the garden, that was way bigger from the inside then it looked from the outside.

We there brought to someone to talk with, 4 creatures surrounding us all looking directly to Blink and appeared to act as one person, they listened to our story and made clear that nobody could just take these golden apple or even enter the garden without their allowance. But they are willing to help us in our Quest if the promised to defeat the Devil. They looked over the scroll and assured us that it would not summon some minion, but rather the devil itself and that the golden apple would be needed to use the scroll and summon him.
They also mentioned that the apple could heal Wulfgar from his old age, even after used to summon Salazan, but we would need to be quick, as its power would slowly disappear after being taken from here.

Those golden apples keep the garden and its residents young and healthy by just being here. Obtaining one could only be done once every 250 years but the last time it was done is 1000 years ago. Also one could not just easily take one, we had to prove worthy in our ability to defend such a gift. We had to fight Its guardian, a huge hydra-like creature. During the fight, there was some exhausting music, and some of us got really tired at the end but overall we did good, and I made sure that Wulfgar would survive as he was focused but the guardian quite a bit.

After obtaining the golden apple we quickly had to leave the garden as it door to our realm was closing. After being in our World again, we realized the it was no full moon anymore, the time in there had moved differently, while we there only a few hours in there, a few weeks have passed outside.
We decided to get back to White Moon Cove and, now that we have the golden fruit, make a plan to defeat Salazan and send him back to the Nine Hells.