DM: Geokhan

Players: Radio, Ike, Packman, Muse, Providence, Jack

Rendezvous at Eagle’s perch. Solid contact with Mountaineer by Radio. Mountaineer identified to be working with Hawkeye. Mountaineer led to safe location Roadhouse for hand off to Mechanic. Mechanic led the way for travel through maze and eventual contact at mission destination.

Day one trek was smooth, civilians identified on route to the mountain pass were welcoming and conversational. Mechanic provided civilians with pass phrase and was handed key intel about our destination and trek. Civilians identified as cover assets of Mountaineer. Overnight prep during travel was performed by Providence, made sure we had no contacts that night.

Second day of travel started early, eventually met with challenge/response by Mountaineer assets. Clad in white, silent approach and trackless, contacts provided further intel and identified safe travel. Muse also found traces of Talos followers and was informed of potential infiltration of Eagle’s Perch by Talos followers. After traversing the maze, came upon two unknowns, later positively identified one as Yuan-Ti tracker named OOh-Ohh-O (Silencer). Second contact still unknown as of identity or origin. Visually identified as a reddish humanoid shaped mist approximately 6 feet tall, hovered over ground (Red Mist) sketches below. Was able to evade contact initially and continue on to mission location. Once at designated location, Mechanic stepped out and was sensed by wild dragon. No intel on dragon in vicinity, broke concealment to react to threat. Confrontation was immediately overheard by Silencer and Red Mist and they moved to intercept. Jack stepped in and intercepted Silencer and Red Mist while Packman, Ike, and Muse aided Mechanic with the dragon. Radio and Providence helped with Red Mist and Silencer until the other threat was downed. We cleaned up the location and identified a waterfall cliff with a lair 15 feet beneath us.

Wind Dragon
Red Mist

Quick recon of lair found resources for use, collected then identified mission destination as undisturbed. Solid location for group up and march on enemy forces. Trek back was quiet, no observers. Details of enemy strength and mission location below.


Iron Claw – Employ a number of tactics including gutter gnolls, rife with disease and poison and used as a sort of already infected biological warfare. Currently residing in parts of the mine shafts throughout the jub jubs. Key leadership include Rric Peastbasher (Warchief), Rrukx Splitgrapnel (Sub Warchief) and Kryciakkk Saltfingers (head Shaman)

Jagged Horn – Most competent leadership of the clans, more thoughtful, slightly larger than any other tribe, has been seen harvesting wood, rumors that they have the knowledge to build ships as well as organize battlefield strategy.

Rhinoss – Same size as jagged horn, shock troop specialty. ability to cause severe immediate damage while being very resistant to pain themselves.

Pelt Wearers – Smallest of tribes, deals in dark necromancy. have undead gnolls and other undead or skeletal servants. they desecrate battle fields to fill their ranks.

all tribes have between 100 to several hundred members.


Mountaineer asset key phrase .

Mountaineer challenge response .





Route Actual