GM: Geokhans Party: Till (Leader), Mako (Trailblazer), Tsion (Scout), Ricky, Mercury, Calatar

Day 1

We started off the day with good weather and good company. We started our trek westward stopping at the stream to fill our water flasks and continuing traveling. We traveled as far as our weary bodies would take us till we couldn’t travel any more and set up camp for the night. Nothing happened through all the watches. It was good to sleep without trouble.

Day 2

Our second day of travel was similar to the first and we set off. Unfortunately we quickly found ourselves lost and had to spent some time finding the road again. Never thought we’d wonder off a well placed road, but things tend to happen for a reason. After we found our way back to the road we noticed a few carts coming out way. Turns out they were food carts, by Fots and Nots meat delivery service. The majority of us seems to try their sheep kabobs drizzled with honey. A nice ale to wash it down, and keep the buzz going.

We arrived at the Fort about mid day and found 2 humanoids walking around it. After some discussion, we introduced ourselves and meet the buildings owners Quinson, a nice human and his friend Tilbily a goblin. Quinson told us he had build this fort as a monastery when goblins attacked. Tilbily attempted to convince his fellow kind to leave this place alone, however a few came back and wouldn’t leave his basement.

After talking a while with me, Quinson informed us that the fort was built on a set of old ruins. He had some local help from WMC helping to build this fort, however, they left to investigate the old ruins and never returned. That was 3 days ago. We agreed to go find his workers, help to remove the goblins and search the old ruins. He allowed us to take any treasure we found.

We entered the house and found our way to the basement. Quickly we could tell that this place was a bit more complex then it appeared, as there was several passageways that one could choose. We followed the stench, thinking it was the builders. Only to find the Goblins, who appear to be covered in fungus of some kind. Be warned, that killing these things will cause them to explode and fill the room with toxic spores. We were able to quickly dispatch them, I was impressed with the team that I was able to fight with. They held their own, often dodging attacks left and right. Throughout the whole adventure not one of us fell.

After cleaning out the goblins we continued to search for the builders. As I said before the ruins on which this fort was build was quite complex. We investigated every corridor and passageway, check each door for traps. It took much time to fully check out this area. These ruins were filled with several monsters that needed to be dispatched, from rats to ghostly approbations to something that looked like a swamp monster that would go in and out of being solid. If you aren’t familiar with the arcane arts, bring a magical weapon with you. Several of the creatures left we swinging into the wind, or landing punches and them not taking damage. One of the creatures began talking to us, within our minds. I wasn’t able to determine who it was, but the voices stopped after I dispatched one of the creatures. The team was distraught that the creature I attacked hadn’t attacked us yet, however, it was dark in their and everything that we came into contact with attacked us. I didn’t wait long enough to see if this creature was going to do the same.

While exploring we found a room that had 2 traps, that when walking in their path would strike you down with lightning. My quick reflexes allowed me to dodge the majority of damage, but it still hurt. Speaking of traps, there is what appears a summoning circle on the floor of one of the rooms. Be careful, as while in the heat of battle, I step into this circle and was ported to the beginning of this dungeon, spending the rest of the fighting working to get back with my team.

After we finished with the fighting, we heard a loud scream within the ruins. While we searched for it, we couldn’t locate it. I noticed a ghostly apparition as I was running back to the team, however I didn’t engage it as I was hoping to make it back to the team in time to help. After that it disappeared, and though we tried to find it we couldn’t

We learned that these ruins once belonged to a King and his daughter. King Kil’Morgan and his daughter Alpaleash ruled during a great war. His people spent all day building armor and weapons to fight in this war, however, they felt that this was for nothing as their were no bodies to wield these items. In a book we found, it was layed out that the King had told, what I believe to be this ghost were his treasure lied, and they he had more trust in this ghost then in his own men. This cause issues in the men, causing them to turn on the king.

After returning to the surface of the Fort, we shared what info we had gather from the ruins with Quison. He mentioned he’d appreciate it if someone would either come and seal off the ruins of the Ghostly figure, or remove the ghostly figure so he can use the space for his monastery. We spent the night at the Fort to recover and headed for home.

Day 3

Traveled home without issue.