Flowers blossom, bees buzz on by! And of course there’s that magical feeling in the air of countless animals procreating. Spring time is here and you know what that means!

Pale master is now a playtest class!  

That’s right! Thanks to the rejuvenating spring time vibes, the dead are rising from their graves! 
Have fun sending your new minions into the fray while you cast your spooky spells from afar!

The pale master class will be in active development by Grimlore for balance adjustments, so make sure to point out what can get that extra undead touch of balance perfection.

We are also for the first time allowing use of the custom spells for this class, these spells are not available to any other class and are tied down to the pale master. This special exception can be revoked if it proves too hard to balance even with Grimlore’s loving undead care but we hope that with the Sleeper Island community and Grimlore’s awesome support we can strike the perfect undead balance.

Give Grimlore Entertainment some love for sponsering this class and it’s Fantasy Grounds module to fantasy grounds! 

In addition to welcoming the pale master among us, we’ve finally finished smashing our heads together to come up with Sleeper-level patron rewards. 

Introducing the Sleeper Tier 4 Tokens! 

Your one-stop sleeper shop where you can finally spend those fancy Tier 4 tokens!   One expended T4 token gets you… 

 -Design a town/Hamlet You suggest and and perhaps coordinate with one of the dms to design a town on the island.   You won’t know which or what it’s called or where it is, but when it’s discovered it may have that special PC musk.  

-Design a Building.   You suggest a new type of building to be added to current list of buildings.   The dms/mods will review your request and work with you to make it a reality. No cheesing. Unless it’s a cheese mill. We accept literal cheese.  

-Small festivities. Once a month you can use your token to make a small festival in the town with games and fun times.   You suggest a fun rp session with fun and games and trivial awards (like a lesser version of arena week, or forced appreciation of your character’s achievements!)  

-Nonmechanical pet Your characters gets a nonmechanical pet that exists solely inside town. Ex. Dog, Cat, Horse, Peacock, Armadillo, Koala, Drop Bear, Crocodile, Parrot, Small Child on a Backpack Leash (please don’t bring small children to Sleeper Island that is clearly a bad call)  

-Boosted luck There is a possibility that luck will fall upon the town in regards to additional towns, surplus of food, active npc community, ship / shipwrecks or other random events.   

-Audition session Sleepers can spend a T4 token to be a selection 1 of the 2 required DM’s or Mods for a audition session.
2 Greens
1 Green & Trial
1 Green & Mod
1 Green & Sleeper