Little man with metal bird said he was looking for lost paper. We said we could help so went to forest to look. Spent some time walking through forest when we found a nice clearing. Clearing had four ways out and when one of our group goes through one of those ways he came back in a different way. I know this is magic so do not run off like that person does. Instead I stay with rest of group and we try to find path out. We find lots of little clearings, and one with a stream in it. Eventually we find our way out and into a forest that was really quiet. Spooky quiet.

Everyone else say this is boring place and wants to go back into clearings but I say maybe clearings bring us here to find missing paper. We look around but not find anything interesting. So we go back into clearings. This time we use ropes and try to be smarter than clearings. It not work so good because we end up in even scarier forest. It has really dark trees with glowing leaves. The bushes are all dark except for glowing fruit. I not want to stay but one of the other people think it smart to eat glowing berry. He say he not see anything except the glowing stuff. Other leader say we need to look around here too.

One of the trees starts moving and saying look at it. Last time I look at tree it tried to squish me so I not look. Eventually an eyeball, with lots of little eye-stalk thingies, total size about like small dog size. It talks to other leader and he say it ok at eye. I not sure but am told it good thing to look at eye, so I do. Everyone who looks at eye becomes invisible and eye takes us out of scary forest. We then all become visible again. In small clearing we finds a small stone tower and eye says missing paper is in rock. We smack the rock and after it breaks some we find metal tube with paper inside. This has to be paper man with metal bird lost. How he lost it inside a rock is just weird though.

It getting dark but we not know if more safe here or in forest. I say I not want to go into scary forest when dark so we decide to stay here. Before sleep I use my ship driving tools and figure out we are way West of big mountains. Everyone talk about walking back to mountains but in end deiced better to try to go back through the clearings.

Night go quiet until just before wake up time. Then person looking say there strange noise and need to check it out. We all wake up and watch him go toward noise. Suddenly there is giant snake with crab-pinchy-things trying to grab him. There were three great big snakes and two sort of big snakes all with crab-things. We fighted good and kill them all. I go back to sleep for rest of sleep time.

Next morning we go back into the scary forest and find clearings. We walk around clearings for some time then find way out to wrong forest. Everyone say it to far to walk so we go back to clearings. Next time we get out we are in first forest we walked to from town. We go home and give man his missing paper. He try to play song writted on paper but not real good so say he will just keep it for now.