DM: Tsi88

Players: Red(Taaki) , DUCA (Sven), Pyke (Markan), Martijn (Shurahaar), TempyVixen (Faenoa), Kudolink (Oros)

We were just drinking at the inn, having fun. Suddenly we heard the bells ring. Seems like trouble. We come outside and decide to investigate. We go to the farms, our brute party member grabs a running villager and asks him what happened. The villager while panicking told us about the houses on fire and a “giant”. We go to the farms.

three farms are attacked!

We go to the first farm and find dwarves of talos and gnolls attacking dwarf soldiers, while the farm house is on fire. Some villagers are dead on the ground. We wipe out dwarves of talos and gnolls without issue. Dwarves of talos carry bombs and they keep casting aura guardian spell. Don’t stand in close proximity to your party members, because the explosion of the bombs can damage you quite a bit! Gnolls on the other hand aren’t much of an issue.

after we are about to take care of the dwarves and gnolls, we hear screams inside the house, one party members rushes inside. I don’t know what happened there, but we finished up with our opponents. Some dwarf soldiers survived and we sent them with their families to the WMC, to get ready for evacuation.

I hope they got there safely, as we cannot help them. There’s another farm we need to get to, quick! As we take a short rest and rush to the next farm, we find way more dead bodies, the time is running out fast, villagers are getting slaughtered! We kill the kobolds and gnolls. While the last kobold got knocked out, Sven wanted to take him as an assistant, however we decided against it, as it would be a bad idea, so Sven finishes him off and we hastely run towards the next farm. Hope we are not too late!

On the third farm, pretty much the entire farm was wiped out, we only see two gnolls and a dwarf of Talos, which did not stand any chance against the size of our party. However, we couldn’t save any of the villagers from this farm. We were simply too late. Time is of the essence and we weren’t fast enough to save everyone. However the dwarf soldiers and the families that we did manage to save (around 3 families + two dwarf soldiers from the first farm and two families from the second farm) should be able to safely go back to WMC and prepare for evacuation.

After that we moved back to WMC with no further events happening.