Group members:
Fiver, a energetic and lively spry Kobold who seemed to have powers granted to her by an otherworld entity like myself (Shadelett)
Kevudim, a stout dwarf (Dazz)
Abal, the rather young and tall dwarf with the good armor and flail I had travelled with before (Lloyd)
Ravhin, a tabaxi bard (Durzo)
And myself, Nalkris, with my raven Avarace.

We travelled up the road north from White Moon Cove, holding left when the road right could lead to a mine and then took the right when the road forked out in 3 directions, taking us up to a bend straight West. As we was about to travel west towards the ocean along the road, we heard a distant scream that quickly seemed to die out, a scream of a woman in distress, so we immediately set out North/North-east to find the source, leading us, near the edge of the forrest, to a bridge leading to a stone pillar surrounded unholy alter, with cultists, lead by a dwarf, having a half-elven maiden tied to a pole, seemingly preparing to sacrifice her. They told us to leave them, but we attacked with conviction, slaying these vile corrupted people.

Afterwards, we had saved the half-elf maiden and as she recovered from her ordeal, she revealed her name was Evaa and her ship, originally taking her to White Moon Cove to become an adventurer like the rest of us, had been captured by pirates, who had then sold her on as a slave to this group who had taken her to this alter to sacrifice her to summon their old god, telling her that her blood would help fuel something called “the gate”, it had all been strangeness to her, she could barely recall their words, they had seemed mad to her. And then most interestingly, Evaa mentioned that her captures had mentioned getting strength from Tsaran, and that a Hex Council prohibited any conflict between their group and other cultist groups.

Further proving their connection to Tsaran, they wore the symbol of the jawless skull on a round field of split light and dark green, which we have previously found to be connected to Maleficars, who also seem connected to Tsaran

We made camp near the altar during the night. During the night, two hawks came upon the camp, and Fiver seemed able to talk to them, do not know the details as I was sleeping during their arrival, but made sure Avarace was shielded from these predatory birds while I had my watch later on, during which I found a book “Alison Chapman The Draconnic’s Numinous Pamphlet of Resonant Astrology.” unfortunately just a common book and nothing revealing secrets of these foul cultists.

Later during the night, a hoard of boars showed up, which I was awoken to by Ravhin singing loudly to alarm everyone. But they seemed friendly enough and according to Fiver, one of the hawks she was talking with identified the boars as the “Work Crew”, and they seemed to just drag of the bodies of the cultist and drop them in the ravine.

In the morning, the hawks was revealed to be Zach and Zachery.

We promised Evaa we could take her to White Moon Cove where she had originally been heading, but left her temporarily in the care of Zach and Zachery, who would take her to the Inn to the south, while we investigated the pirate sighting to the west further. To help our travels, Zach and Zachery used magic to conjure up 2 goodberries for each of us.

On the road we found a chest which contained a magical Glass Globe with a magical kingdom inside of the strange sea creatures with vaguely monkey-like shapes, which Fiver seemed to bond with, so in the end, she got to keep the Glass Globe, which was magically enhanced to preserve the small tiny creatures inside of it.

At the end of the road west, we travelled a bit south, and there we found pirates loading stuff into rowboats to take out to their pirate ship.

Bloody fight insued, with the captain getting away, several pirates dying and 2 pirate prisoners being tied up and taken with us. They revealed their ship should be on its way back to Trader’s Bay with the captain and their ill-gotten gains.

We ended up giving the 2 pirate prisoners to Zach and Zachery, who could put them to work cleaning up the forest, and hopefully thus preventing them from just returning to their criminal life of the past., before escorting Evaa home.

I gave Evaa some of my personal belongings: 40 crossbow bolts with a crossbow bolt case, a light crossbow, 2 daggers and my old leather armor