DM: Neal
Players: Kage, Qarlynd, Mal, MrEd, Geokhan,BushelOfKittens

To whomever reads these things anyway,
From Tohil,

We were requested to help in the road building effort, so we set out with a crew of some folks, namely:
-Myself (Tohil)

This sounded like a decent group, so I figured we’d be pretty good.

Unfortunately, not far from town, at the bridge south-west of RO, some Kua-Toa had set up an ambush, I don’t know who they were expecting to cross, but given our relationship to them it was kind of weird. We told them to fuck off, Lysing make some fish sticks out of a few, it seems to dissuade them from trying anything else.

Kua Toa After Lysing Intervention

We moved on after that little escapade and made way down the path.
Unfortunately our Jjurney wasn’t blessed so while we were trying to guard the roadworkers, some unfortunate souls wandered off too far from the group and ran straight into a bunch of rather angry looking dinosaurs. Which then proceeded to trample the shit out of them.
Vraela, our resident spellcaster, who apparently has an affinity for plants, decided to make the terrain almost impassible for the large creatures, only small pathways existed in the now rather dense and overgrown fields next to the road we were situated on, some of our party later naming these “Vraela Highways”.
The plant growth helped our party significantly in dealing with these animals and they were dispatched quickly, then butchered and cut into nice delicious steaks.

After a little longer on the road another set of workers decided to venture beyond our perimeter and again, met an untimely end at the hand, or paw, of a rather large bear!
We figured, oh, one bear, no issue, but a whole sleuth of bears ran out of the woods at our party, probably thinking us an easy meal!
I bet they didn’t take into calculation we had a plant obsessed maniacal magical girl in our party named Vraela.
One of the bears turned out to be some kind of crazed druid, who was intent on slaying the lot of us. A good whack with my maul knocked some sense into him, leaving him unconscious on the ground after I hit him in the temple. (unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish him there as I tripped on some fucking Vraela-vines)

After cleaning up the mess and rounding up the bodies we continued onward.

A short while later we heard a worker cry out, so we rushed to check it out.
There was apparently a fancy decorated skull in the ground with gems for eyesockets.
Now if my travels here have taught me anything it is that these kinds of things are generally much more trouble than they’re worth, but Vraela decided to check it out anyway.
we took a healthy 100ft distance from vraela and the skull and she started to mess with it from a small distance.
Quite immediately a magical surge of necrotic or some such energy blasted from the skull in some form of self defence, almost knocking Vraela back, but she managed to resist the effects.
I think this was her cue to fuck off as she came wandering back.
We decided to place a signpost there with a skull and crossbones as a decent warning to travelers.
Valorean and I walked towards the skull with the sign in hand ready to put it down near the skull, and the moment I jammed the sign into the ground, some kind of earthquake, centered on the skull, started to ravage the immediate surroundings, forming fissures radiating from the skull outwards, Valorean and I fucked right off as the entire area turned into a death-trap with the skull at the center of it. My sign was still, somehow, firmly placed in the earth, now a little closer to the skull.

When we returned, Vraela decided it would be a good idea to construct a barrier around the pit and skull within to stop unwanted visitors from dying. She apparently decided a large maze-like structure would be a good idea.

Vraela’s maze of horrors.

After all that mess and having created a new death-trap for greenhorns, the roadworkers thought it was a good time to turn around, head back home, bury the dead, and get some well deserved rest.

Wasn’t a bad plan.
Our way back was significantly more relaxed than our way there, only spotting a goblin raiding party that fucked off as soon as they saw us.

All in all a decent adventure!