Party: Nog, Servant Grimsbane, Lyric, Xenon, Karash, Malachite, Equinox

Nog finds Nogself returning to the caves of the blue Kobolds. Parties first night, we were accosted by some very strange undead creatures, a bidepal horse and a quadrapedal humanoid. Nog was able to dispatch the larger creature, but was unfortunately unable to approach the other and it managed to escape into the night.

Party scout out the cliff face a little with aid of Servant Grimsbane’s impish companion. We devise several plans and decide to attempt a plan Nog has decided to call ‘Playtime’. While the plan was ultimately not successful in and of itself it did provide us the opportunity to proceed down without setting off every potential alarm.

Nog, Karash, and Malachite proceeded to secure rope for the descent and make our way down, securing another rope across a gap in the passageway. Party move along before Nog encountered some Kobolds and began to use the previously attained reason to be down here. Eventually several assailants emerged from hidden tunnels in the cliff-face and attacked us.

Initial barrage of attacks were surprisingly effective causing Nog to have issues retaliating and Malachite to be rendered unconscious. The remaining members of the party were able to make haste and join us in battle. At the time that Malachite was pushed from the cliff, Nog was unfortunately unable to assist, much to Nog’s sadness.

Servant Grimsbane made a valient attempt to retrieve our fallen companion from the water, but was unable to rescue him before the water filled his lungs permanently.

The party was able to dispatch the majority of the assailants, one managed to evade my reach and probably is the one that made the others aware of our being here.

We fled from the scene bringing our fallen companion along. We made headed towards the nearby mucus mine to make camp, something didnt seem right and no one was certain whether that mine was being worked or not, so we decided to make camp above the cliff and hope that any persuers would not think to follow us this way.

Unfortunately our hopes were not to be. Luckily Lyric was able to hold conversation and no battle was to happen. There was however talk of an earlier agreement of mutual non-interference. And apparently the blue skinned Kolbolds are in fact dragons themselves in the guise of Kobolds.

Nog does not trust them nearly as far as he can throw a full grown Scrofa. Nog believes there is something nefarious to these beings and if Nog is able would like to return to deal with them, but that expedition will have to wait until Nog is able to get stronger.

Nog almost forget, we met up with some very …interesting… Merchants on our return home. We only saw a few items that they had for sale but even one not gifted in the magical arts Nog was able to discern the goods were of very potent magical properties. They claim to deal often in the Underdark, perhaps Nog should find Nog’s way to this place some time in the future.